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Yuusha-Ou GaoGaiGar
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Both shows are kinda throwbacks to 70s style super robot anime, but Gurren Langan does it with a lot more style and mordern sensiblities. Also, while GaoGaiGar is kinda a superhero story of mythological proprotions, Gurren-Lagann is a coming of age story that takes a super robot stable (drills) and turns it into a metaphor for life, that starts out as a battle for the freedom of those living underground and ends up involving all those who live in the universe, all the while Simon tries to find his own meaning and purpose in his life, and follow his destiny.GaoGaiGar on the other hand, follows   read more
report Recommended by rah-rah
TTGL heralds back to different "eras" of mecha anime, and borrows from GaoGaiGar extensively. GGG should be one of the many required viewing series before fully enjoying TTGL and all of its quirky references.
report Recommended by Bigopinion
If you like the super robot theme of Gurren Lagann, then GaoGaiGar has some of the same themes, and even some of the same voice actors.
report Recommended by yaesir
Extra hotblooded manly mecha! Both series reconstruct classic kid-oriented mecha tropes that seemed to have become outdated but turn out to be lots of fun when intentionally reassembled. They run on manliness and shouting, and when they get a bit cheesy it's all the more fun. Before Gurren Lagann came along, GaoGaiGar was pretty much the standard for super hotblooded mecha anime -- it set the bar that Gurren Lagann had to surpass to be considered truly over-the-top.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Watch the whole series its like Gurren, manly men with many awesome robots and epoic epic battles
report Recommended by Simborg
Many often call GaoGaiGar a stylistic predecessor of Gurren Lagann, being an over-the-top Super Robot Show in an era dominated by decidedly dark or realistic robot shows, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion or most Gundam series bar G Gundam. Over the top mecha action, over the top, screaming protagonists and over the top gigantic tools as weapons (Drills for TTGL, a Hammer for GGG) abound.

Also, the guy who voices Viral in Japanese? He's the main character's voice in GGG, who's as hot-blooded, if not more so than Viral.
report Recommended by Fikko3107