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I would recommend Black Lagoon the 1st and 2nd season as a similar anime to Michiko to Hatchin. Both seem to happen in some spanish territory. We can see lots of action, guns, mafia, pursuits. Michiko is quite similar to Revy. Both main characters are strong, independent women with a unique personality and complex past. I would say Black Lagoon TV series are the best equivalent to Michiko to Harchin.
report Recommended by berserk-san
'Michiko to Hatchin' also stars a brazen and petulant young woman who's forced to team up with a timid and more down-to-earth character and end up meeting all kinds of colorful characters and experiencing the wildest adventures, most of them connected to the criminal underworld in some form.
report Recommended by Uriel1988
Black Lagoon more violent, when Michiko to Hatchin is more bright and colourful, but if you are tired of the slow development of the plot, these two certainly fit your mood. Cool chick with gun is common of course.
report Recommended by -delete-account-
Michiko to Hatchin and Black Lagoon can be compared on many levels. Strong female leads, non stop action, character development, and setting (among other things). Both are set in crime riddled areas of the world; Michiko to Hatchin in a South American surrounding, and Black Lagoon in South Eastern Thailand, or more specifically, "Roanapur". These settings not only allow for some of the insanity that takes place in Michiko to Hatchin and Black Lagoon to happen, but are crafted in such a way as to make the viewer believe that they are in fact real places. However, it is within the character development, as well as   read more
report Recommended by Umbrya
Gangs, guns, and super-violent. Black lagoon is more badass and has a memorable cast compared to michiko to hatchin
report Recommended by vasplar
Looking for an anime with charismatic characters? Both series have many similarities, but I will talk only Michiko (Michiko to Hatchin) and Levy (Black Lagoon). Both of these characters are women who have strong character. They are among the best female characters in anime. Strong, beautiful and sexy, they know what they want. We take pleasure to follow them in their adventures, enjoying their mood swings, anger and moments with ease. If you think about that kind of character, these animes are made for you, skip the one you have not seen if you know one of them. (Sorry for my english)
report Recommended by krysyS
These two series here have quite a lot of similarities. Let's see.. First of all, they are both set in a criminal world where an innocent character gets involved with a main female character who has many skills including the usage of firearms, the operation of various vehicles, and is seen as a violent individual. However throughout the series, they both form a special bond. Both series also features a lot of face paced action, drama, some comedy, as well as some emotions. Both series also has character development that is strengthened through the bonds between the two main characters.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both stories have a gritty and dirty atmosphere and the setting for both contain a lot of broken/desperate towns, filled with dark and depraved people. There is a hefty amount of action throughout both series too. Even in all this down and out type atmosphere both shows manage to bring some meaningful or sentimental feel to the characters situations.
report Recommended by thedarkreaper
Obviously, Michiko and Revy are verrry similar, and the setting is too. Also, i feel as if the relationship between Revy and Rock is kinda similar to Michiko and Hatchin. Kinda. In a weird way.
report Recommended by xFangero