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Nodame Cantabile
Nana and Nodame Cantabile are similar in that they each weigh heavily on music. Nodame Cantabile has much more comedy, whereas Nana contains more drama, but I\'d group them close together in terms of character development and drama enthrallment.
report Recommended by Xinil
They are both romantic dramas with some comedy that have to deal with music and deep relationships with others. Both are amazing in my opinion. I highly reccomend both...NANA for the more serious and dramatic and Nodame Cantabile for a little more comedy.
report Recommended by NellyJica
Both series has josei like artwork and contains music as a major theme. Both series features drama as well as romance presented in a more realistic way. Both series has a similar style that details every day life whether at school or with the band/choir group.
report Recommended by Stark700
If you're looking for romance with adult students it may be perfect for u.
report Recommended by Patry-chan
Similar setup as both Josei are slice of life that shows young adults instead of high schoolers, both deals with music, especially for Nodame Cantabile. Nana Komatsu is somewhat similar to Nodame as they are great leads that are optimistic and exceed to share their (usually joyful moods) to the spectator. Both are pretty good comedy at the beginning Nana however has a drastic shift in the middle that turn it into a drama.
report Recommended by Illyasviel
Both are romances with realistic slife of life depiction of the life of young professional musicians building a career. The degree of realism is higher in Nana, and the 2nd half has a tonal shift towards more tragedy drama, while Nodame remains relaxed and easy despite dramatic moments. Both have an ensemble cast of different musician characters with own individuality. Nana is a little rogher, not the least because it features rock musicians, while Nodame takes place on the campus of a classical music college.
report Recommended by inim
the music in both of them are god-made, if one of them doesn't make you cry like B-word that you are, the other one sure will. bro, do yourselves a favor & go bless urself with these! hope ya have š¯“•š¯“¤š¯“¯ anyways!
report Recommended by AC23
Both shows are centered around music, drama, and romance. The music in both these shows is excellent. The stories are both engaging and depict fairly realistic situations. There are some comedy and light-hearted situations throughout the story to help balance out the drama. If you enjoyed the drama, music, and romance in Nana, I would highly recommend these shows to you.
report Recommended by repasy