Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Eromanga-sensei Recommendations

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
If you liked
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai
...then you might like

-The same sibling relationship.
- The same imouto with wired hobbies.
-The same Onichan who has to deal with his Tsundere imouto.
-The same thing where it's is related to anything otaku.
report Recommended by Whoahoho
Same Autor....
Same Otaku plot....
Same Studio....
Same opening singers....
Oreimo 2.0 :v (There is Kuroneko too!!!!)
report Recommended by tavog96
both have a sister cute and tsundere >.<
report Recommended by Rizkiawan-kun
For starters there done by the same writer, but also they have practically the same vibe to them. Both feature

A tsundere sister who is in love with her brother (Happens later in ore no imouto, sooner in Eromanga)
A surprisingly patient main character who takes alot of crap
Both are also have a harem vibe to them without executing it properly

In a whole i would say Eromanga is better since i dropped ore no imouto because it bored me.

Either way if you came for the incest kinda vibe you will like both
report Recommended by Tanya-Project
-Both Protagonists have sisters with weird hobbys.
-Both Protagonists, in a way or another, discover this and had to keep it as a secret.
-Both Sagiri and Kirino have the same plushies in her beds. (Not relevant but interesting)
report Recommended by Trocxer
Both series feature a brother-sister relationship.

In both anime the sister has an unusual hobby for girls her age (in OreImo it's playing little sister eroges; in Eromanga-sensei it's drawing erotic LN art)

The source material for both is written by the same author and have the same character designer.

The studio resposible for animating Eromanga is the same that animated the second season of OreImo.
report Recommended by Dirty_Siscon
I would describe Eromanga-sensei as the "streamlined OreImo". There are so many comparisons you can make it isn't even funny. So if you managed to like Eromanga than you may find OreImo okay.
report Recommended by Valerio_Lyndon
They are both romance anime featuring a brother (related or not) and their little sister who seems like they dislike their brother. Both are also harem anime.
report Recommended by pgmhecateii
Eromanga sensei is the living reincarnation of Oreimo. Both MC's in the show are very caring towards their younger siblings or let's just say they very much love their cute and loving little sisters. Both the shows involve an incest relationship although in Eromanga-sensei, they are step-siblings and they're the only ones in their house because their parents was involved in a tragic incident. Both shows are great but if you want a deeper and a better plot, I'd recommend to watch Eromangaa Sensei.
report Recommended by IcecreamDrew
Having an otaku sister who's twice into Ero and lewd stuff...

and a nice big brother to take care of her

Same atmosphere..... with fluid art
report Recommended by RnDNEET021