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Made by the same author. Both follow different storylines where the MC hooks up with a girl, and after that story ends the time would reset to an alternative setting where the MC hooks up with a different girl.
report Recommended by Dignity
-Made by the same Author. -Story arcs for each female MC with the male MC. -Story resets after 4 episodes
report Recommended by Shoumetsuu
Similar animation style, harem genre, each heroine has her own 4 episodes ark, however Amagami's plot is more adult, but Seiren contain more fanservice
report Recommended by Ever2014
The story type is very similar to Amagami SS where their is a main MC protagonist and different story lines with different female characters.
report Recommended by SoporificDreamer
Same guy who made Amagami SS and Tsuneki from Seiren kind of resembles Haruka from Amagami SS in looks and character
report Recommended by Saitali
histoire en plusieurs arc qui présente dans chacun d'eux les dernières années de lycée du personnage principale et le début d'une romance entre lui et une autre élève .Chaque arc se passe a la même période mais avec une figures féminine différente
report Recommended by taikutsushinogi
Same story about one guy making relationship with different girls (the anime shows how would've each relationship end)
report Recommended by susan00
Both of these two Anime series consists of a male protagonist ending up with each of the female characters within each arcs to please the audience. Seiren having 4 Episodes per girl along with Amagami having possibly 4-6 episodes dedicated to each girl. (Each Arc Focuses On One Girl)
report Recommended by Jertery
I'm not sure if they belong to the same studio but both animes share a central premise that is the love development of the protagonist in different timelines, are some mediocre lines but I must admit that there are some good. // No estoy seguro si pertenecen al mismo estudio pero ambos animes comparten una premisa central que es el desarrollo amoroso del protagonista en diferentes lineas de tiempo, son un tanto mediocres algunas lineas pero debo de admitir que hay algunas que buenas.
report Recommended by BenoHertz
Criado pelo mesmo autor , a premissa é basicamente a mesma de AMAGAMI SS , o protagonista quando termina a rota de uma heroina , o anime volta no tempo e começa a rota de outra garota . Se vc gostou gostou de AMAGAMI vale a pena dar uma olhada nessa
report Recommended by Flegendss
- Both made by the same person - Hikari and Haruka have similarities like good looks and personality - Both reset female protagonists after 4-5 episodes
report Recommended by UZl
It uses an Omnibus format as well and is a romance.
report Recommended by SXH