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Similar situations, has arc's just like Amagami SS and its seems to be based along the same style of story setup.
report Recommended by Indiana_Guy84
Not only does both series takes place in a school life setting, but the main protagonist gets himself involved with many girls who often gets caught up with his life. In both series, there is comedy, romance, and some fan service. Both series' main protagonist seems to be a normal guy although often says the wrong things. However, they seem to be kind and often looks out after others.
report Recommended by Stark700
If you liked the omnibus format of Photo Kano (separate stories set in separate alternate paths), you'll find Amagami SS far better. It follows the same theme of romance, except it executes it far better.
report Recommended by Ressamp
What can i say, despite the fact that the setting and the character are slightly different. Amagami SS and Photokano are very similar to each other, where the MC in both series are your typical highschool boy but somehow they both end up with all the girls in the show. Not only the setting are pretty much exactly the same, the artstyle are also very similar since both show are made by TBS. Over all if you're enjoy a School/Romance/Harem series then you'll like one or the other.
report Recommended by SnowLife
Same setting: School, Romance (One is Ecchi) Different arc = different girl
report Recommended by MrChaos
Both series are based on Dating Sims and are presented in an omnibus format (multiple scenarios involving different female leads and their individual stories)
report Recommended by KaiserLos24
Both have the same concept
report Recommended by Brompot90
There are many "routes" regarding the romance story of these two Anime; It's not harem; after every couple of episodes, the story "changes" as the Female character of the Couple changes.
report Recommended by MouradSME
They're very similar in the way they have been created, the two of them contains different plots and endings, with arcs for every heroine telling us a romance story for each one of them, so if you liked one of these animes, then, I think the other one would be interesting for you.
report Recommended by xnexusx
It's a series about one guy in highschool with a number of girls who are potential girlfriends (all different type of stereotypical anime girls). Each girl has her own arc in which she turns out to be the one for this guy.
report Recommended by SfxdxFx
Both girls in these anime fall for one guy. If you love school romance drama and this anime is for you. and both are definitely worth watching!
report Recommended by bloody_Venus55
it tell a story about Both girls in these anime fall for one guy. If you love school romance drama and this anime is for you. and both are definitely worth watching! a reall reall great anime WATCH ^^
report Recommended by happyboytee
-both anime are about dating different girls -same plot
report Recommended by Sengra
Story plot using system ARC/route
report Recommended by Sai-Sena
Both are SoL-School-Romance Genre that got Omnibus-Style.
report Recommended by Hentoki
it has also lot of girls and one main character who ends up with different girls in different arcs.
report Recommended by shashwat1209
Both school romance and reset heroine in short amount of episodes
report Recommended by UZl
It uses an Omnibus format as well and is a romance.
report Recommended by SXH