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Natsume Yuujinchou
Same basic idea - a guy that can see the supernatural. Natsume Yuujinchou is little more touching and lighter, while xxxHolic is a bit funnier.
report Recommended by atlantiza
Both are about ayakashi and yokai, share a bit of story and they both have a Zashiki-Warashi in it. xxxHolic is pretty dark, while Natsume Yuujinchou is lighter and uses more colours.
report Recommended by DragonsWhip
The character of Watanuki (xxxHolic) is very similar to Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou). Even though the stories of the two series are different except for the boy-who-can-see-spirits thing, the "feel" is the same. Also, Nyan-ko sensei is kinda like a cross between kuro-Mokona and the Kudakitsune.
report Recommended by Vampiress_D
Both series start out very similarly, both of the main characters are being chased by spirits which only they can see. Both are fairly episodic though xxxHOLiC definitely links more episodes together.
report Recommended by Chicken008
Both main characters are the only one's in the story that can see spirits. They also share the same sense of loneliness that comes with it. There's a few episodes in both Natsume Yuujinchou & xxxHolic that go into true detail about their feelings of being alone. It's drama unlike i've ever seen before, and i love that part about each of these shows, so much. If you've seen one of these shows, then i highly recommend you check out the other.
report Recommended by Shiroth
Both protagonist can see things others can't and have a best friend who accepts them for that, even though he can't see spirits himself. The protagonist's guardians and loving yet harsh on them, teasing them a lot. I am sure that if you love one you will love the other. Both series' offer a lot of knowledge into Japanese folklore and provide characters you will fall in love with.
report Recommended by kvhottie
In both anime there's a boy who can see yõkai and want's to get rid of the ability. Involves also a lot of adventures in/with/about the spirit world.
report Recommended by sabrina19
Both series are about an introvert boy trying to deal with seeing spirits.
report Recommended by GeniusofIron
Well, as already many ppl said: both series have main character really similar: Watanuki Kimihiro & Natsume Takashi. They are good guys, with a special ability: they are able to see spirits/ghosts/demons.. They also share the 'loneliness' side, b'cuz of their capacity they are usual to be alone.. Maybe watanuki's personality is a bit more 'funny-comic' than that natsume, but anyway they are both real good ppl with a "golden heart" that help others. About the story, well both stories are really similar b'cuz of the *oriental japanese tradition* in them, about the traditions to believe in something like typical japanese spirits and about all the atmosphere! The   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Lots of similarities. For one both MCs can see supernatural stuff that keeps hunting them down. Both MCs try to solve supernatural problems and have someone to guide them and both series are episodic. Main difference is that xXxHolic takes a slightly darker approach and tries to bring some horror factor from time to time.
report Recommended by kitten320
Both of these shows feature a leading male character who can see demons/spirits. They both hope to get rid of their ability, but start to realize how useful it is once they start using it. They also start to figure out who they can trust with their secret. Overall, the plot is fairly similar.
report Recommended by TearxUlquiorra
Both main character can see spirits, even though both animes are quite different, they both are wonderful o^.^o
report Recommended by Strawberry_Chan
The protagonist both meet a lot of humans/supernatural beings that would make them realize a lot of lessons in life. They have problems that are quite similar but not all is bad in their new found lifestlyle.
report Recommended by akira_kuruza
In both series, the main protagonist is able to see spirits and demons, beings that only very few people can see. Both series presents stories in an unique way each episode that follows the main protagonist's lives and the situations as he deals with his gift/curse. It is quite well written because the way it presents them with a sort of mystical and serene feeling. Both series features a lot of interactions between various characters that can be dramatic, comedic, and sometimes emotional. Both series are episodic that has a slow pacing which also follows a slice of life feeling. Nonetheless, many themes are explored in   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
- Both animes have very distinct accult themes. - Both protagonists have an unusually strong spiritual sense for a human and often times find themselves in perilous situations involving various non-human entities as a result. - despite the above neither is very adept at handling these situations. - Both have a somewhat tragic male protagonist. - Both protagonist seem to be orphans. However Both Natsume and watanuki have very different personalities. Both XXXHolic and Natsume Yuujinchou tend to have very different atmospheres. Natsume Yuujinchou has a more light hearted bittersweet atmosphere and tends to have much milder content than XXXHolic. XXXHolic may come off to some   read more
report Recommended by onyx_xylo
[Similarities] Drama, comedy, and supernatural. Episodic anime about the unseen paranormal creatures- Ayakashi and Youkai. The main character, Natsume Takashi/Watanuki Kimihiro, is an orphaned teenager who possesses spiritual abilities and is able to see spirits. He has a best friend, Tanuma Kaname/Doumeki Shizuka, who lives in a shrine and has an ability to sense spirits, but his abilities are inferior to the MC. [Differences] Natsume Yuujinchou leaves a warm fuzzy feeling. It has a lighthearted atmosphere. xxxHolic is macabre, creepy and dark. It includes profound and psychological dialogues.
report Recommended by shiion_
about japanese folklore, ayakashi and youkai, art, and a lot of other things
report Recommended by whatcarlos
Episode s are not connected they both have characters that can see spirits and stuff...
report Recommended by ulquiorra_94
These shows focus on a young man who can see spirits. They each use this curse/gift to help others, and through this, they find what they lacked. Each show is episodic with the overall arc being the development of the main character.
report Recommended by DreamInSong
Both these shows deal with the main character seeing spirits that only they can see. Additionally, both main characters, Natsume and Watanuki develop relationships with powerful characters that can see or are spirits as well. Both can be considered slice of life with fantasy elements.
report Recommended by indigoyam
Both shows involve a protagonist who can see mysterious creatures called yokai. The protagonist in xxxholic works to solve some problems with yokai like that of Natsume. xxxholic story involves the protagonist working at a shop to rid himself of his ability in which both series show the negative impact seeing these creatures had on the protagonist. Both MCs of xxxholic and Natsume have friends that help them with some quest involving these yokai. Overall, if you liked the supernatural elements of Natsume it is likely that will find xxxholic to be a joy to watch.
report Recommended by rohan121