Ouran Koukou Host Club, Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo Recommendations

Ouran Koukou Host Club
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Ouran Koukou Host Club
Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
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Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
Reverse harem, although La Corda D'Oro is more serious. There ARE quite a few funny areas too. Also, the main characters' (a.k.a. Haruhi and Kahoko) personalities are similar.
report Recommended by joeshimatsu
Both are reverse harem and is fun to watch though Ouran High is much more fun than La Corda..still im sure you're going to enjoy both series..:D
report Recommended by SubtleHints
Both are school anime with a central female character surrounded by a lot of handsome guys. The girl comes to play a significant role in their lives helping them to change. Also, what both animes have in common is a rather ambigous romance line, when practically any male character has a potential to become a love interest for the main heroine.
report Recommended by Juxian
these two series seem like they don't have an ending. there are a bunch of guys, one girl and most of the guys(or all) are into the girl. lol. anyway, in both of these series you'll cry, laugh, and love these animes. both of these have music too, that is if you like music as much as i do. but these two are just awesome. ^^
report Recommended by Kaziph
If you're a fan of one girl being surrounded by a bunch of guys, then these are the animes for you. All the male love candidates are as differeent as can be, and you've got a nice selection of pairings to choose from ;) both are worth a look.
report Recommended by ASHGARY
it's set in a school, each with a kinda of "club" where the main character gets attached to...
report Recommended by sapphirext
Like Ouran, La Corda has the huge (and very clueless) romantic pairs. And of course, all of the male cast falls for the violin-loving heroine, Kahoko Hino. It's funny and filled with music!
report Recommended by RiversArc
they both having a group of high school students consisting of a girl among a bunch of charming guys who all are liking her. Only that Kiniro no Corda has a second girl but pretty much unthere cause of extream silence she has. with some love complications an challenges. They're so reminding me of each other!
report Recommended by Anoo
One girl surrounded by several popular guys at school in both of these series. Yup. But beyond that, both series contains plenty of drama and comedy. The characters all have various views on the main heroine and she gets to understand more in both series as the episodes progresses. There's also romance in both series although not fully explored in the anime adaptations; reverse harem.
report Recommended by Stark700