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Like Noelle said, both shows have a reverse harem thing going on (where boys are after the girl). Not all the guys in Yamato Nadeshiko are after the girl, but it\'s close enough to be considered a reverse harem. Comedy, weird situations. You\'ll enjoy both shows.
report Recommended by Xinil
both series have the same sense of humour, and the main characters also remind each others in both series. i find something similar in the plot also
report Recommended by neamon
One girl, with a lot of handsome guys. And it's not just a normal girl, in both the animes the girl is a bit abnormal, which makes the anime funny!
report Recommended by lucia-chan
similar themes: one girl & many pretty boys, romance and comedy style also very close
report Recommended by dollie_mixtures
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge aka The Wallflower is similar because they are both romantic comedies that deal with an unique girl having to deal with sexy guys. Both have similar comedy and situations between the characters. I actually read Wallflower manga thinking that it reminded me of Host Club then I tracked down the anime and watched it. If you enjoy Host Club you will love Wallflower.
report Recommended by Hush
Ouran High School Host Club and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge are both about sexy boys dealing with a girl whos like a guy
report Recommended by Aikou
Both are similar, an unusual girl (Haruhi and Sunako) who coexist with a group of handsome boys, the difference will be that in ouran Haruhi have to be with them to pay her debt, and in Yamato Nadeshiko they have to be with her to have freee rent.
report Recommended by BlueAngel
What could possibly be better for a girl than getting into some guys community. One girl, supposable stupid and obvious, few guys (more - better) as pretty as you couldn't even imagine. Here we go, this is shojo. But our todays guinea pigs are different. It's a total parody on all shojo cliches and many other things like date-sims, yaoi and so on. Better to watch first some classical stuff like Fushigi Yuugi, success guarantied. Both Ouran and YNSH starts with typical and than crush all your hopes to predict movements. Prepare yourself for unstoppable laugh. Ouran is more delicate, YNSH hitting a raw nerve without   read more
report Recommended by Iahel
Comedy, A girl who doesn't fit in with the boys, Watch as the boys try to teach the Sunakol to become a young lady. If you loved Ouran High School you are sure to love Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Wallflower)...
report Recommended by Dittman
The theme is the same. Both anime deal with a group of bishies around a girl. Male harem and comedy is also the theme of both anime. Although I liked OHHC much better but these two are very close in some ways.
report Recommended by Forough
The positive ways of rich families and the possibilities of it never to happen in reality. Still they both amuse in the impossibilities and the over-dramatical gestures.
report Recommended by Icy_Windbreeze
Both are reverse Harems types. Though Ouran has more of a plot, both are very funny and are shoujo.
report Recommended by Cainan
They both have a girl surrounded by guys
report Recommended by Mai_ka
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is what would happen if Ouran High School Host Club has a baby with Kuragehime. While I think each one is enjoyable, I felt YNSH had more overall depth to it. While it's more famous counterpart may have NO trouble getting viewers, if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend you watch Yamato Nadeshiko because it's SO funny and awesome!
report Recommended by starshinesMonet
it kind of has the same storyline about a girl surrounded by cool guys that are always together, its pretty much the same in a lot of ways
report Recommended by mesmerized
Take one unladylike girl, stick her with a handful of dazzling, charismatic boys, and fill in the leftover space with fast-paced, frenetic, occasionally absurd humour. The series take a very similar premise (an androgynous girl works off a debt to a host club by learning to become one of them, a group of dazzling boys attempt to reform their landlady's anti-social niece with free rent as their motivation) and take off running in opposite but equally hilarious and entertaining directions. Similar, but different enough to be fresh and funny instead of the same ol' thing.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Both animes are so funny in a similar way. High school stuff, ''hyper cool' boys and ''alternative'' girl in a lot of LOL situations. The characters are amusing and likeable. In both animes the characters get themselves involved in crazy situations and you really laugh your ass off!!! I find both really similar and both are definitely high recommended: you have to see them!!! =)
report Recommended by shirubia333
Both are comedy and contain one girl with bishounen boys. the relationship between Tamaki and Haruhi it is remind you in Kyohei and Sunako also in presentation the events are similar.
report Recommended by LoLo-Chan
If you liked Ouran High School Host Club, you'll like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge too. That is because both of them are about a girl that stays around a group of pretty boys. Together they are going trough a lot of funny adventures. I don't know how to put it, but I think that you won't regret! o.-
report Recommended by cielbleu
They are both shoujo and reverse harem. Also the protagonist female of both series undergoes a transformation. The series are also both comedies.
report Recommended by shadowsword
Both revolve around a reluctant heroine stuck in a group of hilarious bishonen in a sort of "reverse-harem" theme. In both they go through funny situations and the character interactions are very much alike. While there is more of a plot line in Ouran both anime share a very similar theme and comedy. If you loved Ouran; you'll love Wallflower too! x
report Recommended by WhiteMageBeth
If you're into reverse harems, then these anime's are a few of those. Both anime's have their sets of bishounens to awe and dazzle the females and of course a main shoujo...a shoujo that's not beauty-conscious and disregards her appearance but would be very kawaii if only she knows and is willing to fix herself up... These anime's will leave you laughing in your seat with their excessive humor and romance that you will really look forward to.
report Recommended by yUuRi_03
They are both fun to watch and revolve around an interesting girl who has to deal with a handful cute guys. You'll see some similar characteristics between the two shows when you watch. ^_^
report Recommended by m_elle94
Both feature the popular idea of the 'reverse harem' with the female main character spending all her time with the male counterparts. Both the female protagonists are similar in that they are indifferent to the boy's charms and are forced into spending time together. Haruhi (Ouran) broke the expensive vase so she has to serve in the Host Club - Sunako (Yamato Nadeshiko) is sent to her aunt's house where four boys live free of rent, only if they can turn Sunako into a beautiful lady.
report Recommended by silverfiction
both the girls here are surrounded by handsome and pretty boys (reverse-harem)... and a bit of comedy and romance...^_^
report Recommended by margrT
One girl surrounded by hot or cool guys. All guys care for the girl so much. The girl in both stories are very lucky. :) Both stories are very funny. Hope you like it! :)
report Recommended by kimmynova24
1) pretty boys 2) crazy and outlandish characters and storylines 3) maybe it's a bit insane but it does have a really good theme at it's core
report Recommended by karbear
Ouran High School Host Club and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower) may appear different on the surface, but when you start watching, the two series really do have a lot in common. First is the fact that the main, female protagonist is forced to be around an attractive group of men. Although Haruhi, from Ouran, and Sunako, from The Wallflower, act different, they share the same "not a typical woman" kind of personality. The basic idea of the story is similar as well, but other than that, the stories are pretty different. Because of the difference characteristics of the male protagonists, the story doesn't match   read more
report Recommended by MoWriter
These reverse harem is about a girl adapted by a group of handsome rich boys in their apartment or club and a romance or attraction will blossom; both these animes are similar in that way. The question is... who will the girl chose?
report Recommended by keyzc
both are quick-paced comedies about a group of charismatic guys trying to help an atypical kind of girl.
report Recommended by nekopeach8273
They both are great reverse harem. There is also some similarities in character.
report Recommended by Kittypride16
Both have the great humour and bishounens
report Recommended by SuouAoi
Hilarious yet can sometimes have more serious moments.
report Recommended by Glamrgrl104
Reverse Harem and unusual heroin
report Recommended by hinotori
Both have very similar humor and a lot of strange things going on such as crossdressing and awkward moments. They both focus on a girl who is surronded by gorgeous boys but doesn't get all excited about it like most girls would. Plus both have Vic Mignogna!
report Recommended by XxOtakuChiceexX
They're both Reverse Harem animes, only three continuous female characters, two of which don't appear much at the beginning. Both comedy, both animes where the leading female and the leading male seem to have crushes on each other, just in this case, they don't know it. YNSH is a lot darker than Ouran HSHC, but they are both still very cute.
report Recommended by izzisempai
Both deal with a set of beautiful boys trying to help out one girl. In each case a new girl arrives and they help her. Both are absolutely hilarious. in ouran its about a girl who transfers to an academy but she is mistaken for a boy. In the Wallflower the main girl is seen as scary and creepy. Both have goals to turn the female into a beautiful women. Its a must watch anime both, hilarious.
report Recommended by Lurna
wehn ever i watch yamato it reminds me of ouran dey got the same story nearly and the four men are loved by all the girls same as ouran
report Recommended by ray-sama
A woman surrounded by beautiful men in a hilarious story.
report Recommended by Newton-Girl
Both series have female protagonists surrounded by beautiful men and they are both school comedy and romance. Even though i like Ouran High School Host Club more, if you enjoyed The Wallflower, you really should watch Ouran High School Host Club.
report Recommended by sanemita
these two titles both include the genre "bishounen" (which means that an anime includes hot guys xD) but the story is different. the wall flower is basically about these attractive guys trying to change a girl in love with death,spirits,blood and ect into a lady while ohhc story is the there's a host club with a host thats really a girl trying to pay off the vase she broke. ^^
report Recommended by tinyr101
I was surprised this one isn't here yet Well, in both anime the main heroine is surrounded by (hot) boys against her own will The boys in both anime have a special 'type' (prince type, cute type, playboy, etc.) In both anime there is a another girl close to the group (Ouran-Renge and Yamato-Noi)
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
Ouran High School Host Club and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower in English) both consist of a female main character that does not look their best, and good-looking male students trying to make them more ladylike. Though, the boys' reasons for trying to make the female more ladylike are different, both have romance as well as comedy, with a little bit of darkness at some point in the story.
report Recommended by BrightOasis
They have the 'really pretty' male characters and the 'fragile but strong' main girl. It's basically the story of a girl that live with pretty boys, and in both of cases, the girl isn't a 'perfect lady', but likes to do the 'home service' and the boys try to make her become one.
report Recommended by r3cca
Reverse harem shows that actually make an effort to capture your interest. Quirky heroines, over-the-top shenanigans, and ridiculous male characters allow both shows to rise above the negative connotations of the genre.
report Recommended by imbecilic
In both of these anime heroines fall into society of handsome men, which opens a great comedy plot.
report Recommended by Oksydjen
*Both are reverse harems, have the typical pretty boy cast, and end ripping your expectations of an unoriginal plot and characters to shreds. Although I admit that The Wallflower (alternate name for Yamato Nadeshiko Schichi Henge) isn't as amazing as Ouran (my opinion), it is wonderful in its own way. So what are you still doing here? Go watch it!
report Recommended by Ripples
This is very similar to ouran high school host club. it is toned down on the romantic side and amped up on the funny side. it almost goes too far in the whole cute guys side of things as is probs a bit embarrassing to watch with a group but is still absolutely enjoyable.
report Recommended by wichysteria
Both are reverse Harems with an out of place female character the main differences is in Ouran they exploit the female's confusing appearance, whereas in Yamato they are trying to make the lead more feminine. Both leads are talented and quite pretty when they try. Both are surrounded by 'pretty boys'. I think I like Ouran a little better, except for the over-used banana peel gag.
report Recommended by gilder1985
The major similarities between these shows are that they are both reverse harem and full of comedy. The shows are not all that similar from there on, and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge(The Wallflower) does not have as much to bring as Ouran Highschool Host Club in the ways of art/animation and the characters in general. However, depending on what show you enjoyed and for what reasons I believe it is worth checking out the other.
report Recommended by Blue_Cake
If you like Ouran, you might like this show also, as they handle the same theme of a not-so-feminine girl trying to get along with astonishingly handsome but equally vain boys. The big difference is that Yamato Nadeshiko ShichiHenge focuses more on cracking merciless jokes on the "loveliness" of these boys than really portraying them as "lovely". I guess this series parodies the bishounen-element Ouran relies on.
report Recommended by pumpkinspice_
They both have one girl character surrounded by many boys. Ouran seems a little more romantic to me. They have the same comedic style
report Recommended by KamisamaFairy624