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Judged by how character setting is almost man-to-man similar, can't refuse that it will make the overall mood and tone similar too. That's how it's happening. The leading male and narrator, Kyon and Oreki Houtarou, are made from the same mold. Average, not standing out, and does not want to take initiative whatsoever in school activities. And guess what, they are getting pushed around by girl of course, The ultimate reason why any straight man go out of their comfort zone. The story of Hyouka revolve around solving mystery, not a grand one, but very well made. Well made enough to be believable, even when portrayed by   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Basically both are about school club doing stuff because the club president wants to (solving mysteries in Hyouka & searching for supernatural in Haruhi), male protagonists are very similar, + both are by KyoAni Haruhi has more action & little bit of sci-fi , while Hyouka is kinda slow and more realistic, but these 2 series are very alike
report Recommended by helensan
As main characters, Kyon and Houtarou have similar demeanors in which they approach school activities. Their interactions with fellow club members are also similar.
report Recommended by arsonal
Similarities: - It's a mystery based inside of a school about a certain character's past. - It's based around a club - The main MAIN characters are 1 female, and 1 male. - There's a fairly moe female character - There's a certain kind of sadness, which is hard to describe. - Quirky solutions to the mysteries Differences: - Most of the characters in the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are some what extroverted, at least there is a seemingly big difference in the extroversion and introversion of the characters. - MHS has more of an alien solution, like an alien was here watching over- as the solution of the problem. Where as in   read more
report Recommended by Caketoys
Same kind of feel. Both KyoAni production. Clubs are involved, with Hyouka having a more realistic, serious tone and atmosphere.
report Recommended by porudesu
Oh the parallels. If you like one premise, you'll probably like the other. Similarities: -KyoAni -high school -literary club turned SOS brigade-esque, seeking to help others/solve problems or mysteries -cutie female lead/ Genki Girl -apathetic male lead/ Deadpan Snarker -typical male student + somewhat abnormal girl who’s interested in EVERYTHING -There is a girl who likes books. -mysterious unfinished confession by second episode -some big plot mystery in the making
report Recommended by saintlier
The setting of both is a Japanese high school, and both deal with club activities. The male protagonists of both series slowly get pulled into the worlds of the female protagonists. The male protagonists also start out as people who want to conserve energy and remain ordinary.
report Recommended by laceknight
Hm...somehow the atmosphere around forming a club reminded me of the brigade in Haruhi Suzumiya. Also the main character's personality of both animes were similar. And each member of the club had a unique skill!
report Recommended by MeAnime
Each series has a lazy, snarky male lead character, and an eccentric, upbeat female character. Both have a mystery aspect to them: Hyouka has outright mysteries that the characters solve. Haruhi has more of an air of mystery, because the viewer doesn't know all about the supernatural happenings. Both are animated in a similar way, a bit moe and with smooth animation. Both are set in a high school setting, particularly, a high school club setting.
report Recommended by PaperLantern
Same animation company and art style. Both have relatively passive male leads that narrate the show and inadvertently drive the show in a particular direction with their interior monologue. Both have very enthusiastic and likable female leads that mesh well with the aforementioned male lead. Hyouka leans more on the slice-of-life mystery and Haruhi is more of a comedy school life, but overall the vibe that one gets from both shows [Focus is on fairly avant-garde clubs [SOS brigade and classics club], two lead characters that clearly like each other but show little romantic interactions, clubroom hangout].
report Recommended by CommittedMeat
Both have an apathetic male lead and hyper/curious female lead. Both involve a group of unique friends who go on various adventures or solve mysteries. Both have strong artwork and soundtracks. Both also include hints of romance, drama, and comedy.
report Recommended by SakuraHeart
Somewhat they give me the same vibes.... like Haruhi and Chitanda being pushy and... Kyon and Satoshi is somewhat pro Haruhi and Chitanda... while Kyon and Hotarou is somewhat lazy and kinda being forced to do things they don't want to do....
report Recommended by crescent917
Hiperactive girl and her eternal lazy lackey. Houtarou is the boy that can't unfollow the eyes and curiosity of chitanda. (very similar about kyon and Haruhi, but maybe haruhi is most freaky than eru). The characters are similar and the Mysterious theme is present.
report Recommended by KPBouvier
- Both done by KyoAni - Feature a high school club - Haruhi has some mystery elements, Hyouka is full mystery - Both are slice of life - Kyon and Houtarou are both snarky, and want nothing to do with the club at first - Haruhi and Chitanda both constantly try to get Kyon/Houtarou to do something
report Recommended by jessifer
Both are non-romance shows with a sense on comedy. Both are clubs formed by the main girl and the boy is forced in. My opinion -- For both I wish they were romance . What the clubs are about are different though. I like Suzumiya more.
report Recommended by Terra-K
Deadpan, snarky protagonists that want to do little more than live out their average, ordinary lives until a strong spirited girl forcefully drags them out of their shells.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
These are VERY similar. Haruhi is a bit more exciting than Chitanda and while Hyouka focuses on solving mysteries Suzumiya Haruhi doesn't really focus at all. However if you liked one you will probably like the other, it is difficult to say that though since these are both shows that some people just can't watch. Haruhi is funnier while Hyouka is more cognitive.
report Recommended by PawnDa
Solving mysteries in both, although Hyouka doesn´t have any supernatural characters. The style of both shows is also similar, with big changes in the personalities of main characters (mostly Kyon and Houtarou, they are basically the same). I greatly recommend both.
report Recommended by spirit12
Both Hyouka and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) feature at first reluctant protagonists who grow through trying new things and going along with the group. Houtaro Oreki is a young man who has a policy of energy-saving, until he meets Chitanda and his world turns upside down. Kyon, at first reluctant to go out on the tangents of Haruhi Suzumiya, eventually finds himself not only being able to put up with the adventure, but loving every minute of it. All in all, these two anime are very similar and I would recommend them both.
report Recommended by TabSenpai
both have clubs activities but without something specific they are about to find interesting things the flow of the anime is the same the main characters are similar (kyon haruhi-chitanda oreki) for example both males are straight-man who gets their self involved in the curiosity of the female one though haruhi is more upbeat they are both wonderfoul
report Recommended by VonQ
Both shows have a similar cast setup. Chitanda resembles Haruhi's drive for wonder, while Oreki's narration resembles that of Kyon's. Both Oreki and Kyon require someone to bring color to their lives. Satoshi resembles Koizumi in their interactions with Oreki and Kyon respectively. Both involve searching for the mysterious, though Haruhi with the supernatural and Hyouka with the mundane. Both emphasize the value of mundanity, Hyouka to a greater extent.
report Recommended by zenmodeman
Both are about a club that solves mysteries (or tries to). Hyouka is like the non-supernatural version of Haruhi in many ways.
report Recommended by typhyr
Members of a high school club solving unconventional or everyday life mysteries, everything perfectly executed, with striking designs and flawless animation, sharing a lot of the same staff. The main characters are similarly low-energy and lazy, with constant monologues about their lives and situations, and only end up becoming more active thanks to the influence of the female lead.
report Recommended by Kiwii_121