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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
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First of all, both anime have these following themes in common: comedy, slice-of-life, supernatural, and school. The settings are the same; they are both a school and the characters are part of a club that only consist of five members: two boys and three girls. I also feel that the characters have similar personalities with some slightly differences.
report Recommended by Mythical-Katie
Both are shows with a highschool setting that have supernatural theme. Both start as random comedy but end up evoluting to something serious/darker. Both have two males and three girls in a group.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Two boys and three girls who dedicate much time for their little school club. They are involved into the supernatural and must keep it secret. Many conversations take place inside the club's room in many episodes, and some events and moods are similar.
report Recommended by Disillusion
Same genres: School, Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural and Mystery 5 main characters: 3 girls and 2 boys, Cultural Study group = SOS Brigade.
report Recommended by ViinZerg
School kids vs. Aliens; interaction and the existence of other beings in the universe, learning about feelings, friendships and relationships, as well as impressive characters.
report Recommended by Tsuyu_no_Inochi
-after school club whose sole purpose is friend-making -groups of friends hanging out, 3 girls: 2 guy ratio (my gosh they're like guppies) -romance in the friend group -"weirdness club": (one is about the consequences arising from random body switching, one is centered around an omnipotent alien.)
report Recommended by toutseul
Both shows are about a group of friends in the same clubs experiencing weird supernatural phenomenon. If you enjoyed Haruhi Suzumiya, then you're bound to enjoy Kokoro Connect.
report Recommended by xkcd559
When I watch Kokoro Connect, I keep think how similar it is to Suzumiya Haruhi. Both story focuses on a club full of teenagers, both consisting of 2 boys and 3 girls. Both clubs end up doing weird/random things that start affecting their daily lives. Both of them are light novel adaptions. Iori and Haruhi are both cheerful club presidents.
report Recommended by zhengbenny
Wacky stuff happening to high school kids. Both shows have the same vibe. Kokoro Connect is much more heartwarming and less about the paranormal and more about the relationships between the characters.
report Recommended by veeli
How can Kokoro Connect not be the most recommended next to Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu? Five main characters that all participate in a club, two males and three females. During their time spent at school, a series of supernatural events set off around them being caused by one person.
report Recommended by Neraizel
Both have a group of five friends, 2 boys and 3 girls, who have to deal with various supernatural events that affect their lives. Both have comedy but are also serious at parts, they also have a great cast of characters. If you like Haruhi and her SOS Brigade going through supernatural occurrences while trying to solve them, watch Kokoro Connect! If you haven't seen any of these anime, watch them now!
report Recommended by Noodleboy3000
Similarities: Both series revolve around five students, two boys and three girls, that are all in a club together that deal with paranormal activities. Both have a mix of comedy, drama and (as mentioned) paranormal activities to varying degrees. Differences: Kokoro focuses more on romance between characters and character development Kokoro is much less episodic than Haruhi, i.e. they will have to deal with a specific situation over a series of episodes not just one Haruhi is much more episodic, i.e. each episode usually has its own separate focus The character tropes are similar but Haruhi takes them to more of an extreme In my opinion are both well worth watching if   read more
report Recommended by DueEast
Clubs, School,Comedy ,And Epic drama scenes! -Both of them start with a sense of humor, after that they start getting in to somthing darker. -Both of the supernatural events happens in school (club) -The number of the club members the same -Same genres School/Slice of life/Comedy
report Recommended by wryyy-
Both series tell about school activities and supernatural case.. Kokoro Connect have more love side story rather than Haruhi..
report Recommended by Anistein
Both involve a school club slice of life anime style that eventually turns into more of a supernatural theme. Both shows have main character ratios of two boys to three girls.
report Recommended by Trebassanime
- Both anime feature a range of characters that have more depths and layers than what one might see at first glance. - Both shows take place at the high school setting - Both cover genres such as slice of life, drama, and even comedy. - Both anime have mysterious, supernatural elements behind the scenes.
report Recommended by StudentOfTheGame
Female Lead who creates a club to do with a magic/supernatural theme. Supernational Things going on in both anime.
report Recommended by Keita2014