Gosick, Dantalian no Shoka Recommendations

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Dantalian no Shoka
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Dantalian no Shoka
Both of these Anime have a dark, gothic feel to their art style and they are about the macbre death. They also touch on the supernatural, one about how supernaturalism isn't real, and the other based on the what if it was real.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both anime feel the same, they both have a great artwork and storyline, the characters are very similliar too, both anime occurs in the victorian era, Both have something related to books too.
report Recommended by MomoNyan
Honestly, these two couldn't be any more similar without being almost the same story and characters. I've never witnessed so much similarity with two different animes. Simply, if you liked the other, you will definitely like the other one too.
report Recommended by DenpaOnna
They are both set in a historical era with the them full of mystery and a bit gothic. Dalian pretty much reminds me of Victorique, who uses a sense of authority to hide her actual feelings. Both of them also deal with mysteries paired with historical events. Overall, both of them are mind boggling and worth the time.
report Recommended by chiibit
Both stories contain a mysterious little girl that is in a place filled with books and is found by the male protagonist who saves the girl countless times in their mysteries or adventures. The two bicker at some things, but they truly get along in some points, and there may be a future love interests in some parts of the episodes. Also both girls contain a supernatural power that either saves or solves real problems, and the truth of that power may be revealed in future episodes.
report Recommended by Primula19-10
Small, smart girl solving mysteries with a kind man. There're lots of books and supernatural cases. The same times, in early 1900's , in a european country. They've got the same gothic atmosphere as well.
report Recommended by -Hysteria-
Cute little bossy smart loli girl wraped up in mysteries alongside a level headed, not-too-clued-up male (typcal tsundere victum) who has just stumbled into the situation and attained the status sidekick.

A period setting and wealth is very visiable in both.
report Recommended by Queen_Stars
Dantalian no Shoka is an obvious and blatant rip-off of Gosick. I'm sure that if you loved Gosick, you'd like Dantalian. Everything is the same, except for the fact that Dantalian has supernatural elements.
report Recommended by Samu-tan
Anyone who had watch any of these shows will instantly see the similarities.
We have a small main heroine who was discovered by the main lead guy. Both heroines are bossy yet kind. They both keep insulting and hitting their companion. They also are very smart.

Both shows are about solving mysteries.
report Recommended by kitten320
They're both shows that feature frilly dresses, early 1900's Europe, and are done by unfitting studios.
report Recommended by McRib
Both have child-like girl and very smart, power and a male companion.
report Recommended by Kuroyama
Contains gothic elements and both uses books and the individual's knowledge as a tool to solve mysteries.
report Recommended by Rokuten
They both have Lolis and mystery solving. It's like scoobydoo but for pedobear. The only differences is the loli in Dantalala is Miyuki Swashbucket and the characters hairs switch.. (you know like the guy has black hair and girl has blonde hair but in this one it's like backwards..)
report Recommended by Tsuchi921
Both are set in a WW1/post war era. A foreign boy meets an odd, small and fragile girl who has some sort of 'power'. The characters show a very distinct similarity, just that their hair color is inverse (Hugh→Kujo; Dalian→Victorique). Both pairs team up solving mysteries.
report Recommended by arigajoe
Both series are acclimated in Europe, both are mystics and have got a cute protagonist.
report Recommended by KeySoryu
Both anime have female characters that have access to a knowledge through libraries and books.
report Recommended by ItsDangerFoo
Both are focused around library and books. Main characters are man and tsundere little girl solving mysteries and the man has a cheerful female friend who tsundere little girl doesn't like. Seriously if I were the writer of Gosick I would sue Dantalian no Shoka for plagiatarism. Sure there are some differences(Dantalian has more action and less mystery solving), but in the end these two animes are so much alike its annoying and awesome at the same time.
report Recommended by Sceles
Both have similar lead female characters who are intelligent, and enjoy sweets. Both revolve around mystery.
report Recommended by DarChronicle
- both have gothic lolita as heroine
- the action take places in the past
- both are about mysteries

report Recommended by Alex9944
The secondary-main characters in both anime are a feamle version of Sherlock Holmes.

1. Lolita-Gothic

2. Tsundere relations with main charas.

3. Captivating and intriguing.

What's not to love?
report Recommended by Lina-chan87
Similar Story - Cute girl solving cases with cool guy, Similar Character - Dalian & Victorique, Disward & Kujou
Both how have so many similarity so if you like one then i'm 99% sure that you like the other
report Recommended by SnowLife
Something to do with books,
A cute short girl who is very smart,
Solving puzzles.
report Recommended by Gallient
•both are a mystery, drama , gothic lolita type genres
•both have a male protagonist who is accompanied by a small girl with a whole 'knowledge' of books
•both the male and female are smart and bicker and fight alot, and end up saving one another
•both are centered around the same century period which have the same atmospheric setting
•both protagonists love to solve mysteries involving supernatural events or wealthy cases etc
•they are pretty much similar, except dante is more supernatural, but if you watch one, you would most likely like the other
report Recommended by Lupta
- Dark Gothic Theme
- Dark Lolita Protagonist
- Case Solving
- Mysterious

Gosick is as starters more a detective anime where Dantalian No Shoka more goes to the supernatural problem solving. Both have a great Dark/Gothic atmosphere in them and each have their great individual character development!

With a great pace and nice story development both are a great watch!
report Recommended by RafaelDeJongh
If Gosick is about a beautiful young girl with looks akin to a doll and is a key element in its story, then the exact same thing applies in Dantalian no Shoka. The similarities aren't just in the main heroines themselves, but the overall feel and style of the animes. Though the plot may be different, themes of fantasy, the era that the characters reside in, and all the way through to the music, all of these elements give viewers that nostalgic Victorian era humans of today sometimes romanticize and long for.
report Recommended by NishizawaMihashi
-both have detective mysteries that i waiting to be solved
-both have been blessed to have the knowledge to solve the puzzles
-the heroin are what u call loli with a touch of tsundere attitude
report Recommended by ciaorawr
Well, starting that both are historical animes. Second, the way the two girls act is like tsurunde, and they are always making orders to the guys.
report Recommended by chends
Both protagonist solve crimes and have a guy who helps them. Whom they fall in love with. Gosick is an amazing anime. The girl protagonist who is smart but at times very childsish falls in love with a guy at her school who became her friend and help her solve crimes.
report Recommended by bubblyful
Gosick and Dantalian no Shoka are two excellent anime with both male and female protagonists. Funnily enough, both of these series, I always look back and think of them as a sort of mirror of each other. But, honestly, both are slightly predictable in storyline, but the concept is good enough to keep you glued to the screen.
Settings are beautifully drawn for both. The art is gorgeous and I like the consistent theme of gothic elizebethan clothing.
Both have magic components to the plot and have relatively okay-ish endings.
report Recommended by taintedwithred
Both have a distinct air of mystery about them with a bossy, gothic-lolita type main character. Also, they are both set in similar eras and have very gothic looks.
report Recommended by sheisme-iamshe
Both anime have a loli detective which loves books. The setting is histoical and both have gothic art style. The plot of these anime are about solving mysteries with a tiny bit of supernatural element added.
report Recommended by Vetras
starting from the characters ....both of them found a girl somewhere (a place full of books i guess? :D) and both of the themes are very gothic same with the atmosphere kinda gloomy and dark but dantalian is more fictional than gosick.
report Recommended by ever-juvia
-Both involves male and female protagonist working together to solve problems
Gosick: solve mysteries
Dantalian no Shoka: solve cases involving Gensho
-Both female protagonist are little girls
-and like sweet stuff
report Recommended by C_Argento
Dantalian no Shoka and Gosick are very similar. Both animes have a so smart and cute lolita main character female. Also two animes are involved with mistery and crimes which have not been resolved and have a Victorian gothic style. Both are insteresting animes. Recommended.
report Recommended by Shizuku-Kuroneko
The two have similar setting, comparably of 1930's in a European setting. Both have a petite female lead character and a male companion. You could say both have a slightly gothic air about them and take on the subject of the supernatural but in drastically different ways.
report Recommended by Stray_Nekogami
Both of main female characters like books a lot (library is really the place they like), they don't act shy and deal with the mystery, but Dantalian no Shoka is more about supernatural stuff unlike Gosick while last has more detective stuff. You will enjoy to see Europe of the past century with amazing buildings, castles, clothes and overall atmosphere.
report Recommended by highfeel
Both anime have a dark, gothic, mystery feel to them that really gives them depth. I personal think if you like Gosick then Dantalian is your show.
report Recommended by qdsqjmsdnakdnp
Both female main character are tsundere gothic lolita.
The theme of books are really present, where the female MC have a lot of knowledge about them.
Protagonist are clever and enjoy to solve problems and mysteries.
Even if Dantalian no Shoka is more about supernatural, Gosick and Dantalian no Shoka have a lot of common point.
Bonus point, both shows take place in similar historical period of time.
report Recommended by _Pingu_
Tyrant lollies with a sweet tooth who can solve mysteries. The story happens in a Victorian setting.
report Recommended by Niveen_Sleem
Both of them are detective anime. The main female characters in both are similar.
report Recommended by AhiruArima
-Both have lollie girls with some kind of power that helps the protaginist to solve mysteries
-Both girl protagonists seem to be coldminded, but they are actually cute.
report Recommended by Paolo_58