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These two have the genre mystery in common, thrown in with a few 'awkward, possible romantic' situations. Basically, if you like mystery, watch Gosick and Hyouka.
report Recommended by September
Both anime have the central plot of solve riddles. Hyouka takes place at school environment, and Gosick between the First and Second World Wars. Gosick has more drama and romance, while Hyouka shows you more comedy and slice-of-life (and even moe) aspects. Gosick has a more elaborated plot, but Hyouka has arcs, so it's easier to watch without getting bored.
report Recommended by Nekogui
Both of them are great mystery shows, and have a pintch of romance
report Recommended by anahkalaf
Both have main character solving mysteries. Both have comedy and romance. But hyouka have a light atmosphere and feel whereas gosick has dark feel to it.
report Recommended by Shubh
Both anime are wrapped around in mysteries; highly interesting with great storytelling.
report Recommended by thedeviousfiles
Both are about child detectives that for the most part only solve mysteries when persuaded.In Hyouka the Main Charcther is the detective while in Gosick the Main Charcther meets the detective and is the one who persuades who to solve mysteries while in Hyouka it's the opposite where the Main Charcther is persuaded by the female lead.Both are very enjoyable and can make you think but in Gosick it's much darker were as Hyouka is mostly every day mysteries.
report Recommended by Ozzey
The atmosphere and the misteries on the two animes are very similar but Gosick are more serius in relation of Hyouka.
report Recommended by jeanfz
Both anime have the central plot of solve riddles. Hyouka takes place at school environment, and Gosick between the First and Second World Wars. Gosick has more drama and romance, while Hyouka shows you more comedy and slice-of-life (and even moe) aspects. Gosick has a more elaborated plot, but Hyouka has arcs, so it's easier to watch without getting bored.
report Recommended by lollyyo3
MYSTERY GENRE: The main characters in both shows, Victorique and Houtarou, uses detective style reasoning to solve mysteries. They make detective work sound so easy since they are constantly bored and apathetic towards situations and others.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
Both are great mystery/drama shows. In this case Gosick actually has more substance to its story, however this doesn't detract from the quality of Hyouka. Both shows are guaranteed to keep one entertained.
report Recommended by Ninjapiratehobo
They are pretty much the same. The smart person is asked to solve a mysterie. he/she finds clue's, thinks, and solves it. Both have their funny and exciting moments. The difference between the two is that Gosick is about real crimes while Hyouka is more about school problems.
report Recommended by frotix
Both detectives in these shows have similar traits : laid-back, quiet, lone-wolfs, grumpy, and both have opposite gender sidekicks who are full of curiousities and often urged them to solve mysterious cases. But the detectives also quite opposite : while Oreki from Hyouka avoid meeting cases because it will spend his energy, Victorique from GOSICK asked her sidekick to find cases for her entertainment.
report Recommended by toumei_
Nice self-deduction to solve every mystery around them. Besides, they are not very complex so both of them are very enjoyable, yet still enough to make you think :D
report Recommended by 1cedkid
"There are things that are really mysterious, so why not investigate these pieces and put them all together." Both of the series follows a main character, who has high intelligence, very logical, and beyond critical thinking, where they solve these mysterious facts and give out there final results. Also, they are somewhat emotionless, who rarely crack a smile, but has a caring side when looking out his/her friend(s). Gosick takes place in the past where it follows a female character partners up with male character. Hyouka takes place in the present and follows a main male character, with some support of his friends.
report Recommended by omega_d94
They both solve lots or problems They get help from their friends to solve the problem with different methods Makes you want to watch more Has a pinch of romance in it
report Recommended by Nyaroha
Both main characters are good at solving mysteries.
report Recommended by blairthewitchcat
Both of the series are about a detective character (Oreki in Hyouka; Victorique in Gosick) solving mysteries that are usually inquired by another friend. Hyouka and Gosick function in small arcs, where one mystery passes, then another comes. However, Gosick definitely has more of an overarching story and seems to connect between the arcs (not to mention the big romance part of it) while Hyouka appears to be more fragmented (and barely any romance). The Setting is also different: Hyouka is mostly in the highschool, while Gosick is set in the entire kingdom. Despite the differences, both series does an excellent job with the mysteries,   read more
report Recommended by suitangi
Both anime use logic and deductive reasoning to potentially solve a wide variety of cases that are using small details that have a tendency to be overlooked and as a result it gives the audience insightful but interesting thrillers (a similar effect to the Sherlock Holmes franchise). Hyouka is set in a Japanese high school solving trivial/petty cases while Gosick is set in a European Country with political conflicts after war can be compared to England after WWI solving much larger cases that affect the city. However both give off the same Sherlock Holmes feeling. :)
report Recommended by Xavitar
These two anime focus on solving mysteries that no other person or people can solve. Gosick revolves around the time of the early 1900s and Hyouka (came from a light novel) in a regular high school. These two anime are very similar with the mysteries that only one person can discover what will happen. After a series of mysteries, the detectives discovers some feelings.
report Recommended by Choo99
If you liked Hyouka, I recommend watching Gosick. For both anime, the mysteries are sometimes episodic, and sometimes over the course of many episodes. However, if you liked Hyouka for the moe, you won't find nearly as much Gosick.
report Recommended by Vincent91
School kids solving mysteries, but while hyouka solves mysteries like 'who stole the spatula?' gosick's mysteries are much darker. Both have a bit of romance between the male and female protagonists too.
report Recommended by Spheniscidae
Solving mysteries is hard. Solving mysteries happening at an entirely different location (or time) is super hard!
report Recommended by NameWithheld
Both Hyouka and Gosick are mystery anime. Gosick happened during a gothic-era like in literature while Hyouka happened during the recent years. They are both aimed at people who loves mysteries and a little bit of life mysteries. Their tone are very much the same making Hyouka as an extension like to Gosick.
report Recommended by LoveComedyWa
Both series involve the main characters solving mysteries. As Oreki solves mysteries in Hyouka, Victorique solves them in a similar fashion. Gosick also has a few romantic situations as well. If you like the mystery genre, watch Gosick as well.
report Recommended by ChrisTheBlack
Obviously, both have the same genre which is mystery. Although the mystery in Hyouka is lighter than in Gosick wherein people really die. It also has a great mc that has great detective skills especially in Gosick. Gosick is a darker anime but I suggest it if you had come to like Hyouka.
report Recommended by Penholder
Both shows rely on separate mystery arcs to drive the plot/show forward, both are rather similar in their execution. Despite so, the content of the mysteries are obviously different, but still enjoyable.
report Recommended by _hazy_
Love the mysteries. Awkward romance. Smart detectives. The story is pretty amazing. The best short mystery genre anime out there, IMO.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are Detective mysteries and have a very similar vibe to them, only real difference is Hyoukas male protagonist is really smart whereas Gosicks male protagonist is infuriatingly stupid(the other characters makeup for it though)
report Recommended by SNR_17
this anime has an element of mystery Have a romantic scene both have a theme / themed school
report Recommended by vndb
Well if you enjoyed Hyouka you probably enjoy Gosick as well, given they are both themed as mystery solving. But I do find the mystery in Gosick to be much more interesting and, well, they are actually mysteries, not just some high school bullshits. Do note that the two shows have some significantly different settings. Hyouka take part in the modern world while Gosick is in the early 19th century. Also, in terms of the storytelling, Gosick is more similar to Sherlock Holmes in some ways, while Hyouka is more similar to a typical high school romcom.
report Recommended by WhyCare
It is true that both anime consist of detective solving cases. But Gosick is more into solving crimes while Hyouka is more into simple cases.
report Recommended by Jack_Pearce