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According to MAL, Gosick ended on the very day Kamisama started airing. HMMM. There must've been some kind of loli detective craze over in Japan, at the time. (Either that or the anime people were running low on material to sell to those looking for 'daughters', at the time, and opted for the not-so-popular aging detective genre. Idk.)

These two are built on the same foundations: In both there's an all-knowing reclusive loli, solving every case with their intellect/deus ex machina powers. They recruit Mr. Plain Average to be their masochistic doormats; mostly only existing to go from A-to-B on command and have things   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both of these Anime feature reclusive girls who happen to solve the mysteries around them by gathering the "knowledge" around them and simulating the fragments so that they will eventually come too. Gosick is set between the two World Wars and Kamisama no Memochou is in a modern setting. While the girl in Gosick is actually older then a young girl, both girls have qwirks, one for sweets, the other for stuffed animals. Each one is also very moody and can be disagreeable when they don't get their ways.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both deal with a reclusive girl and a boy she treats as a combo gofer-assistant solving mysteries. Although the settings and time periods are markedly different, the way the primary characters interact and the involving degree of the cases and character-derived backstory are quite alike.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Alice is similar to Victorica and Narumi is similar to Kujou. And both series are about mysteries.
report Recommended by Flameborg
-Both Alice and Victorique are similar in that they both are secluded from society
-Both solve mysteries
-and both have assistants, Alice has Narumi and Victorique has Kujo
-Both animes are very good and if you enjoy mysteries being solved then I recommend either you watch both
report Recommended by mitzuki101
Loli Detective.
report Recommended by Staric
They both feature detailed detective work, however Kamisama no Memochou is modern whereas Gosick is set in the 20's.
report Recommended by sixtyninedude
When I watched the first episode of Memo-chou, I felt it was very very similar to Gosick. I mean, look at the female protagonists. Both are bossy loli characters that solve the mysteries. Though Gosick didn't have a cast of characters that assist in solving the mysteries, Memo-chou does, and it successfully introduces them in a forty-five minute first episode. Is that amazing or what?

Also, the male protagonists of of both anime are reluctantly dragged into the mysteries. The art styles aren't that similar, but they have somewhat similar supporting characters as well as main ones.

Ayaka is very similar   read more
report Recommended by NightsofDawn
Victorique reconstruct case by reading books and collecting chaos(pieces of information(sometimes are info from the paper or collected by Kujo and sometimes both of them) in a secluded area(library).Yuuko,as a hikkikomori detective,solving case by using internet and information from her helper,Narumi in a secluded area(her bedroom).Both heroine are incredibily smart and has remarkable deductive ability.
report Recommended by groundfish
•Both are about Mystery
•Both feature a moe/loli female as the main character
•Both have many different settings

○Kamisama no Memochou is more futuristic and modern time wise than Gosick.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Gosick - Detactive work in 1900
Kamisama no Memochou - Detective work in 2011
If you loved Gosick, you will definitely like Kamisama no Memochou!
report Recommended by Raupy13
They both have a loli detective, the plots are quite similar, and Narumi from Kamisama and Kujo from Gosick are the same. So are Victorique and Alice, they both are lolita tsundere.
report Recommended by CaedesoftheSkies
Girls solves mysteries, something like a female version of Sherlock Holmes. Intelligent, insightful, humorous and with difficulty to express their feelings.
The only difference between them, is Alice (Kamisama no Memochou) is a modern version de Blois Victorique (Gosick)
report Recommended by sakura010
in both they're trying to solve cases, both protagonist are moe, inteligent and giving lots of explanations :3
report Recommended by nekoushiromiya
Both of them are animes about a "mysterious" girl, which are really good in to crack a case.
report Recommended by Gig4lomaniac
Quite similar indeed. Both have a genius female detective, a lead male protagonist that accidentally become the assistant of the detective, and in both anime has similar romance story line.

The only differences is the setting. Both time line and place are different. If you like a story that involve mystery but at the same time has well arranged plot, watch both it.
report Recommended by PcGoD
Both animes are about a girl who gathers pieces of information from mysteries around them and put them together to solve cases. Both girls are exceptionally smart, have very sharp senses, and were both brought up in complete isolation from the outside world.

Moreover, in both animes the girl meets a boy which she has much info about and indirectly asks that boy to help her with her cases except that in Gosick the relationship between both develops more romantically while in the latter, both the boy and the girl remain on friendly terms throughout the TV series.

A big difference between both   read more
report Recommended by Blackerra
Solving mysteries, a girl with long hair that likes cute things,
Go sick is based oin 1920s while Kamisama no Memochou is more modern,
Both have a male side-kick/assistant who does everything for the girl,
Girl is mainly short with long hair and really smart.
report Recommended by Gallient
Detective stories = checked
Romance = checked *maybe a litle from Gosick
Lolita Girl = checked
report Recommended by eljames
overall the story is quite same, the main character is a girl and they like to solve a mystery and has the boy main character helping them. but the difference is the place setting, for go sick it's victorian style while kamisama no memochou just use the usual setting place in japan. :)
report Recommended by asanoazusa
- Both mains are boys who find detective lolis. - Memu is in a preset age; Gosick is before second world war. - Both are based on detective work.
report Recommended by LetMeHaveFun
Of course, both shows feature a loli detective who works with an assistant(s) to solve mysteries!

Some notable differences: Memochou takes place in modern era (Japan) thus we can relate to the technology era that is shown. Gosick takes place in 1924 (Europe) so it's more of a "classical" mystery. Gosick also has more romance.

My personal take (these are merely opinions):
- Both of the female MCs are cute, although Alice is probably cuter.
- Victorique is more overpowered; is able to solve mysteries without technological backup.
- Regarding the above statement, I personally enjoyed Gosick more, especially considering it   read more
report Recommended by NurseLuna
Both anime involve a male protagonist who finds himself becoming unexpectedly involved with a younger (doll) looking female who is highly intellectual and has high capabilities in solving mysteries/crimes. With the help of the male protagonist, the female prodigy manages to solve the mysteries that come before them and grow closer as friends and more, as they continue their journey through the story.
report Recommended by Magzablaze
If you liked kamisama no memochou then you will love gosick since its better in every aspect.Both have mystery and loli leads
report Recommended by Heralder
A transfer student meets a smart young girl and they solve mysteries together.

Both Alice and Victorique speak down to Narumi and Kujo while trying to hide their feelings for them.

Both shows can be pretty dark at times but have relatively happy endings.
report Recommended by gombo
-main male protagonist is assistant to protagonist detective girl
-protagonist female is a detective, able to solve a mystery or event
-interesting mysterious stories
-male protagonist supports detective female protagonist

-different time periods

report Recommended by Choo99
Gosick and Kamisama no Memochou shares similarities in terms of mystery genre, characters and storyline.

Gosick has Victorique, a goth-lolita blonde girl who is fond on literature, sweets and cute things, and excels on forensic and plays the role of the detective. Kamisama no Memochou has Alice, who is also a lolita girl who is also fond on sweets and cute things but also she excels on computer-related skills and forensic roles. They have also male assistant who helps them to solve different crimes.

In terms of the storyline and genre (even though both stories occur on different time settings), both   read more
report Recommended by HunterKhim
Same mystery and over smart girl detective
report Recommended by Katrix_
Although the Eras of these anime are different, they have a lot in common.
+ Both girls are supposedly genius detectives
+ Both meet a boy who later becomes their assitant in solving mysteries
+ Both girls are lolis
+ Alice and Victorique are very alike. Both of them are secluded from society

- The Eras. Gosick is set in 20th century while Memo is 21st century.
report Recommended by One
They both have female lead character which is pretty little girl with long hair who solve any problem around her. And they gave good story for mystery genre.
report Recommended by megumi211
- Tiny girls that are really good at solving mysteries
- Victorique (Alice) treats Kujo (Narumi) like a servant
- Lots of good mysteries
report Recommended by asdf54321
These two shows are so similar it is bizarre. the two main chicks are the same person: seeming omnipotent, childlike/childish, seemingly helpless, and they keep themselves isolated(for different reasons.). The main dude is a corncob and becomes the dog for the main character. They solve mysteries, and everything gets too real too quick. While i enjoy these shows, im not really sure whos into this 'infinitely intelligent little girl character thing'
report Recommended by DADDY_SAMA
They are similar in terms of;
-Heroine is both genius and cute
-Gives off the "thinking feels"
-They solve crimes and mysteries
report Recommended by atKatlin
The female detective has a cute doll-like appearance. They have the same personality. The detective has a male assistant. The mysteries are happening in their surroundings.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince