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If you like Dragon Ball Z you'll love Naruto Shippuden. These are both the second part of amazing series. There both more high action to their original and go into further depth with the characters and story. The one part I like about Naruto Shippuden over DBZ is that the main character, even though may not get as much screen time, has a tremendously better backround and character development.
report Recommended by kayori1928
The tailed beasts remind you a lot like the great apes from dragon ball z
report Recommended by makster619
Both are classic animes any anime fan should know and has the same action filled sequences with somewhat repetitive storytelling and the main character uses that 'one' attack in every major battle
report Recommended by toxic-butts
Both anime are sequels of other anime ( dragon ball and naruto ) in which the characters were children and now they have grown up. Moreover are action anime and have amazing action scenes and clever plot.
report Recommended by vasilis0602
First of all if you enjoy the Shonen genre in general you'll most likely be compatible with the Naruto Shippuden series. Aside from that here's the similarities of the protagonist in both shows: 1.) Work hard for their goals e.g: becoming stronger 2.) Eat food, and I mean a lot of food. 3.) They both have there long running rival shown early on in the series. I'll let you notice the similarities yourself. To understand "Naruto Shippuden" I'll advise you to watch "Naruto" the original series, much like "Dragonball" is to "Dragonball Z." So to quickly conclude if you want to relive you childhood's   read more
report Recommended by Ellys-Kun
both is similar character,story,fight,backstory character naruto = goku sasuke = vegeta both is great sequel from dragon ball,naruto but dbz is better than naruto shippuden
report Recommended by XCOS
These our people's childhood anime , these have great action scenes and good character development and more to mention. anyways would recommend for both anime and good for starters. would rate 10/10
report Recommended by Ten_Shots
A shounen. Complex characters. Hype fights. Hype transformation and powerups. Tragic backstories. Inspired by DBZ
report Recommended by KyuubiGanu
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