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The overall feeling of travel while learning new things about the world is what makes these 2 animes similar in my eyes.
report Recommended by TurboLion
At first glance there is not much similarity in setting, plot and characters but if you look deeper both series ideologically close to each other. Both are antiutopias set in the postapocalyptic worlds where societies work under quite similar principles. In both protagonists set off on a jouney beyond the borders of their little worlds. Each new episode is a revelation for it widens the horison and adds new pieces to the puzzle. Naturally, though different, both shows put very deep questions and go as far as they can probing into the answers.
report Recommended by StudentMAGe
Both have a postapocalyptic world which is very disturbing and cruel. Ergo Proxy is a bit more nonsensical and harder to follow, however both anime feature the same sort of getting to know how the world works bit by bit mechanic. Ergo Proxy is more intelligent while Shinsekai Yori is more epic and both can be very difficult to watch at times due to the incredibly bleak circumstances of the protagonists (especially Ergo Proxy). Nevertheless these are both excellent anime and appeal to a very similar demographic.
report Recommended by PawnDa
Both series settings take place in the distant future after a cataclysmic war devastates the planet. The stories in each revolve around separated and isolated illusive, false utopias that are on the brink of collapse. Primary protagonists in both are trying to uncover secrets of their society and as a direct result will nearly dismantle them because of it. Both anime test your intellectual capabilities and leave you eager for more.
report Recommended by vasili101
If you like slowly unraveling dystopian worlds with an ambiguous moralist bent, both of these will satisfy that urge.
report Recommended by epiphone62
-Utopian setting/Dystopian outside the designated area -Female protagonist -Travelling -Main objective is to discover the utopia dark secret and to deal with it
report Recommended by Fuzzywuz_zy
Both shows feature an unwinding plot involving the unraveling over the true nature of a dystopian society. Both shows also feature "monsters" that play a bigger role in the overarching picture than initially perceived (which gets revealed as the story progresses)
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Both Ergo Proxy and Shinsekai Yori feature characters living in a world shrouded with mystery hidden in plain sight, that becomes clearer as the story progresses. Both stories feature very philosophical themes, and both will leave you intrigued with how the story will conclude. Both have thrilling conclusions and powerful revelations. If you enjoyed one, definitely check out the other.
report Recommended by sunsetbridge