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Both are romance harem anime with a guy and five girls and both have a school setting. The main male characters are both similar as well. Shuffle! is more fantasy compared to Clannad's mostly realistic story, with the exception of one mostly supernatural arc.
report Recommended by shadowraze
same school life story, 3-4 girls fall in love with 1 guy, and he has to choose one,but the chosen one has a weak body, although Clannad covers more because of its sequal
report Recommended by impr0
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact)
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both start out as a slice of life harem comedy with magical undertone but as the series goes on it takes on dramatic elements.
report Recommended by Raspeyer
The way both anime start off driven mainly by humour and go onto become emotionally charged is very similar. Both main characters help the female cast grow and develop. Clannad is better and deeper, especially when you include the afterstory. So if you liked Shuffle, I reckon you'll love Clannad. If you found Clannad too emotional, and didn't like the family elements of the show, want something which focuses more on romance, and like cartoon boobs, then Shuffle's definitely for you.
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Both involve a male protagonist who is surrounded by a bunch of girls. The male characters also have similar personalities. And they also both have a similar humor. they are practically the same anime!
report Recommended by starsonia913
Both are romantic comedies that turn into drama
report Recommended by Jkempel
Clannad and Shuffle are both Romance/Harem anime where the mc actually chooses a girl. Both have their own small super natural twists, and if you've seen Clannad you'll notice some similarities between characters more towards the end & vise versa.
report Recommended by Ttoge
Both shows focus on the MC dealing with problems related to a variety of girls, with romance developing as the story progresses. In both shows, there is also exploration into the 'futures' of the main couple after confessing
report Recommended by Short_Circut