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B Gata is ALL about a Japanese school girl going against the anime stereotype that presents them as pure maidens. Yamada wants 100+ male conquests, and she's DETERMINED to use an inexperienced Mr. Nobody to lose her cherry with. Hilarity ensues when she turns out to be a clueless tsundere when it matters; resulting in much date-kiss-sex fail. Seitokai is similar in the sense it presents school girls as sex-crazed nymphos, with only one train of thought. However, where as B Gata's humour comes from sexual failings, Seitokai's humour is built around two girls turning EVERYTHING - no matter how innocent - the male lead says   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
sexual references and plenty of them. both have the passive male protagonist surrounded my more...hm, 'aggressive' females as well.
report Recommended by laguz1
both seems have intention on sexual things but B Gata H Kei is more mature than Seitokai Yakuindomo
report Recommended by Eternal_Shield
Similar sort of jokes but B Gata has a general story line while Seitokai feels more like a bunch of random clips losely related to a general story of a student council. Seitokai has better characters which have good chemistry together where the main characters are two perverted females who complement each other's jokes while another male and female balance it out by dismissing the perverted views. This feel's more enjoyable compared to B Gata's characters more simple chemistry of girl chasing guy with supporting characters. B Gata's jokes focus more on pervertedness to a topic and aim while Seitokai perverted jokes are more general   read more
report Recommended by JleeLink
Seitokai Yakuindomo is pretty much the B Gata H Kei of fall 2010 season. The style of jokes is the same and although the premise is quite different, the shows have a similar 'feel' to them.
report Recommended by GodComplexed
B Gata And Seitokai Both are anime's with a very basic story, Whilst both revolving around sexual humour and just sex jokes in general. Both VERY funny (if you are into sex humour) and If you like one, you'll definitly like the other :D.
report Recommended by RedHentai
Similarities: Both were classified as encchi, but not encchi enough. Both female characters have sex in their minds. Both have male characters who have reservations being with the female character/s (in Tsuda's case). Both male characters encountered the female character/s by accident. Dissimilarities: The other anime involves a trio of perverted minded ladies (except for Suzu), while this one, has the female character who fantasies about having a lot of Fuck Buddies. In the other anime the male character is too reluctant to go along with his sempai's perverted thoughts, while, this one has both the male and the female characters whom are having horny thoughts with each other, the bad   read more
report Recommended by Mugen900
Perverted female characters in both of the series.
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
*It's not strange for anime when girls perverted. But in this anime they are VERY vulgar and agressive. So, there are elements of female domination. *The main character is a school idol who seem to have no flaws. *Despite this, all her thoughts are about sex. *Nevertheless, she has no sexual expierence. However, Amakusa doesn't feel frustrated because of her virginity (Yamada does). *Male characters are timid and are far less perverted. They feel shy about the things that this perverted girls are talking about ^_^ *You can consider this as a hentai by listening to dialogues. However, this anime haven't even much ecchi visual scenes. *There is an ojou-sama heroine   read more
report Recommended by Day-Elven
similar sence of humour and both have dirty minded girls (excepted in B gata H kei there is only one perverted character but in Seitokei Yakuindomo almost the whole cast is dirty minded)
report Recommended by mysmokingbarrel
Both shows contain a lot of ecchi perverted moments, This may seem bad cause your gonna think "aww screw this, these shows have horrible plot and stuff"... but they use that as a form of comedy. It's filled with sex jokes and all that good stuff. I did enjoy both of them, since I do like the ecchi, romance comedies. (Seitokai is a less spiced romance comedy compared to BGHK. But doooo~ check them out ^^.
report Recommended by RyuKirin
Most of the main characters are totally perverted with a sense of curiosity.
report Recommended by Harontiar
Both male MCs are average non-perverted guys while the female leads are aggressive towards the male Charcthers for perverted reasons.B Gata h kei has more romance while Seitokai Yakuindomo has a lot more comedy.
report Recommended by Ozzey
Both are gag comedies featuring perverted females, males playing the straight man and lot of sexuall inuendo and other perverted humor. Both take place mainly at school.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Similarity: Both Female characters has a perverted mind They come up with great dirty jokes The main female character are beautiful, talkative, and dirty minded Great story that makes you want to watch more
report Recommended by Nyaroha