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B-gata H-kei
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B-gata H-kei
Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
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Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Both are love comedies. Both main girls have dirty minds!
report Recommended by KiraTakuto
A lot of anime portray the male characters as horny, sex driven idiots who can't help sneaking a peak or daydreaming about their ideal women, however not in these shows cases oh no, its the females who can't control their lewd thoughts and unbearable ideals about sex, even if they both actually haven't the slightest idea what its really like. Sex and a cute relationship are the main themes of theses shows, both tied in a nice 12 episode package, will the main heroines both get their cherries popped?
report Recommended by Luroon
Both series feature epicly perverted female protagonists, with very subdued male partners. The 2 series are full of dirty jokes, but they both hide some beautiful romances.
report Recommended by skyhei1995
Awkward and cute developing romances told from the perspective of a female protagonist having lots of unexpectedly sexy thoughts. Ao's dad reminds me of Yamada's erogami.
report Recommended by ncon
Both main characters want to have their first time before they graduate high school. In B gata H kei she wants to do it 100 times. Both female leads get in awkward situations with the main boy and they fall in love.
report Recommended by Sphealz
Both rom-coms center around a female protagonist inexperienced in the romantic side of love more so the lustful side (i.e., tending to have sexual thoughts a lot). Both cases also feature the lead male character accompanying the MC as their feelings develop
report Recommended by Short_Circut
kawaii af main girls one is aware of her sexual urges and fully embraces em (b gata H kei) the other is super repressed they naturally complement each other if your looking for something similar to one another they are both charming and at times surprisingly emotional whilst at the same time being some of the goofiest animes I've ever seen highly recommend both of them
report Recommended by Z0l0
Both shows centre around girls and their desire for the D. The only difference is that Ao is in denial of how desperately she wants it, whereas Yamada fully embraces it.
report Recommended by Coach_Koro
Erotic humour and romance
report Recommended by Togezone25
Looks like the Female main characters had the same romance issues here. Both of them pretty interesting to the perverted scene, yeah ecchiness for the win. No joke, they both denses with the definition of love, even gone wild without any other mind. What a b1tch. And their act to get the point were pretty much same! Just look, and feel what they feel. Not good for me, but its still fun to watch, only to feel embarased.
report Recommended by badabass
Have the same vibe of inexperienced teen girls who only think of sex, and slowly start to fall in love without realizing it.
report Recommended by cid263