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Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
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Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
Ping Pong the Animation
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Ping Pong the Animation
A quiet protagonist who seem to be bounded with a mysteriously talented friend/demon whom he can't beat. It also have a very obscure animation style and is enjoyable to watch especially if you like 'weird' perspectives.
report Recommended by Emberred
Similar art style and art direction. Teaches deep lessons about life. Fun and interesting characters. Has a deep, serious story, but doesn't take itself too seriously. Very psychological. About characters trying to find meaning in life.
report Recommended by WizardGuy
Fans of the trippy artstyle and witty conversations are guaranteed to find something to like in both of these.
report Recommended by cupc
Apathetic main characters with a friend who is a bad influence. Both are slices of life that do not follow the general formula, both in their characters/stories as well as their animation. As for the animation, if you have never watched a Yuasa piece before it may take some getting use to. At first they appear quite simple, but over time prove their depth and attention to detail.
report Recommended by PandaBearSoup
Masaaki Yuasa directed both of these. Both have a got a lot of visual charm. Most of all, Yuasa's direction understands characters very well, and caters to them. His pacing and tension are always solid. The premises are different, but both are very very character-driven.
report Recommended by BlueEldur
Sharing the same director, Masaaki Yuasa, both employ an unorthodox artstyle to convey powerful character-driven narratives. While they cover entirely different subjects, there is a general shared focus on the growth of the main characters of each respective series.
report Recommended by FangStiltzskin
The directors are the same, which means that the storytelling is also the same. The characters have similar personalities and the goals are about life. A beautiful story about achieving and finding a purpose. They're very exaggerated in movement and the art styles are similar. The dialouges are witty and always interesting. If you've watched one, definitely check out the other. They're so similar in so many aspects.
report Recommended by -Alians-
Yuasa at his best! Both have a really similar art-style and are focusing on the characters. Very good psycholigical-series with great dialouges.
report Recommended by anime_tops