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Both give a similar feeling: New guy arrives to a little village, and certain dark events start happening that are somehow related to a young mysterious girl. Slow and creepy atmosphere that makes you want to find out what´s going on. Brilliant ost and VA´s. Personally I enjoyed Shiki more, because it gives a deeper development to its characters and a more intricate plot. Still, Both are awesome animes that will keep you thrilled till the end, so if you enjoyed one, you will probably enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Well, both series are Mystery genres.. They give the same scary feeling due to the lots of creepy deaths all over the stories. Yet, both show the main male character wiling to stop this "supernatural phenomenon". Also a special mention to the cure of the music, which both serie have. If you enjoyed one of those, you might probably enjoy the other as well!
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
The difference in shows is that in Another we don't know what is happening and why so it has to be investigated. However, in Shiki we know the cause of the deaths from the start and are simply observing everything from the distance, watching how characters will deal with the issue. Other than that, shows are very similar. In both shows people suddenly start to die.In Another people from one class die and in Shiki in one of the villages. In both shows characters try to find the cause and stop it. Both shows start slow but eventually end up in blood bath. Both shows have quiet   read more
report Recommended by kitten320
These both have VERY similar feels of uncertainty. Very nice soundtracks to compliment the horror and atmosphere. They both have great plot twists and death scenes.
report Recommended by Kosshi
Shiki and Another are mystery and horror anime that share the same type of overall dread for the viewer. They take place in a quiet and sleepy town that soon gives way to the chaos and paranoia flowing within everyone's psyche. They also feature mysterious girls whose presence and existence psychologically bash everyone else's sanity and causes a train-wreck, chain-reaction-like phenomenon, that leaves many dead and others messed up from the sheer horror and unspeakable events that unfold. Both series, especially Shiki, also offer really unique animation and creepy background music. If you liked watching one of them I highly recommend trying out the   read more
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both fall under the horror genre and give off similar vibes by establishing a slow-paced mystery in order to create suspense. Shiki focuses on character and buildup, while Another uses foreshadowing and atmosphere. Perhaps creepy at times, and shocking at others. Worthy of mentioning is that the writer for Another is the husband for the writer of Shiki. Truly, the greatest love story ever told.
report Recommended by opernlied
Shiki is similar to both Another and Mirai Nikki. This is because again the anime shares characters and themes. The main protagonist in Shiki could be argued of being either the girl or boy, but I myself think it is the boy. Though this might sound as if it juxtaposes with the recommended anime's it doesn't. It is really quite similar. Shiki's main theme is that of death. Death is like the central for the plot as the town gets consumed by it one by one. Without giving too much away, this anime also shares the theme of fantasy, or rather, supernatural. This is another   read more
report Recommended by bloodyrose93
While Shiki is more of a thriller than a horror, they both take place in a small rural town. Mysterious, supernatural deaths are also something the two series share. The protagonist in each show tries to uncover the truth behind the deaths.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both series involves events in small village involving deaths surrounded by mystery. Both anime(s) have that thriller like atmosphere that leaves cliffhangers and horror themed conclusions. A great series for viewers interested in horror fiction and mystery alike.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have a creepy and mysterious undertone in the beginning, and both turn out gory in the end but Another is more extreme
report Recommended by Yusa-pyan
Both series deal with the supernatural as found in a cloistered community, and the drastic measures which must be taken to deal with the danger to humanity. Shiki is more cerebral and philosophical; Another is more of an excellent demonstration of classic horror tropes.
report Recommended by VirescentZephyr
•Both are small out of place towns, that are surrounded by nature, cut off from the rest of the world. •they also have a boy moving from the city to live in the town. •the sense of mystery is more blunt in Another, but they both portray horror thats absolutely wonderful, if you love blood and killing. •both have outbreak of killings as the story progresses, which are visually graphic, which is the BEST! •they both question humanity and how their brain works when put under pressure of murder and how •they act accordingly towards finding an answer in different ways.
report Recommended by Lupta
Both are a horror genre with a bit of mystery. Both are great anime, though I think I enjoyed another's finale more than Shiki. Both have a supernatural element that drives the story forward. Gore is also on the same levels.
report Recommended by Luvrei
If you're familiar with the horror-genre, you probably know that moving to a small town isn't really the recipe for a carefree life. Both protagonists find themselves surrounded by unknown enemies and it is their job to stop either the spreading of a 'virus' (Shiki) or to lift a curse (Another). Regardless which anime you choose to watch, there'll be enough deaths, blood and mystery to the story to leave you wondering what will happen next.
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both seem to be pretty remote towns Both have an outbreak of deaths The citizens in both don't seem to have any idea for what to do Both have a pretty good suspenseful aura Both don't hold back on showing the killing
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
In both, a new guy moves to a small town. Shortly after, strange and sudden deaths start to occur, and the main character attempts to find out why. Both anime have gory scenes, involve the living dead, contain mystery, and give off that same eerie feeling.
report Recommended by NomenHicInserto
Both have an eerie atmosphere and a feel of mystery to them. Both stories take place after the arrival of a new guy in town. Both stories start out slow and take a while to reach the their full potential.
report Recommended by Alaczer
Both are scary, creepy, and the psychological elements are both well-made! Most important of all, THERE is MADNESS which leads to people to slaughter each other!
report Recommended by worldvision
Both animes are in the Mystery genre, they have many deaths in an area, and have unnatural causes of death. Both also put me on the edge of my seat and had a good story in my opinion.
report Recommended by MerryMagician
Both are traditional horror, meaning it's more about the human psych and terror that lies within the heart then blood and gore. Both anime shows just how far humans are willing to go when their lives are on the line.
report Recommended by Arete7
Both have a new kid moving to a new, small town. Slowly, people start dying due to supernatural causes.
report Recommended by triton6783
New guy comes to town and notices that weird stuff is happening and wants to get to solve mystery. Both anime are full of mystery and horror. They have the same feel. Both also have good likable characters. Both are filled with emotion and have tragic killings.
report Recommended by JohnDon99
Both MCs move into villages where something is clearly wrong. Both anime also have their fair share of creepiness and bloody fights.
report Recommended by mushroomlee18
- Both involve people dealing with a force that is mysterious in nature - Both have strong psychological moments - One of the characters becomes involved in the story after moving to the area the story takes place in
report Recommended by 3PSIL0N
At least anyone who likes Shiki would like Another because they have a lot in common. Both have a similar feeling. A new guy moves to a new village and mysterious events begin to occur.
report Recommended by RafaelCL7
- Protaganists need to solve a problem in the plot. - Mystery anime, with stories back in the past. - Much horror.
report Recommended by Just-A-Dutchmen
Both series belong to a similar genre, and have similar stories, if you like horror, this is for you :)
report Recommended by Hirax
On the surface the shows look completely different, but both shows give off a simlar atmosphere. Dark and forboding, holding back on the true plots for as long as possible. Both shows also have rather "graphic" endings, leaving you questioning the true nature of evil.
report Recommended by Holocat_Zer0
Both anime are set in an isolated village giving off a dark, mysterious atmosphere throughout the whole show with no comedy. As a result the anime gains a very serious mood while dealing with supernatural events. Shiki differs from Another due to that deep narrations of human nature and its values whereas Another inspires thrill and a desire for conclusion as such Another starts the plot right away while Shiki takes a couple of episodes to get started. All in all, if you did enjoy one of them you will without a doubt enjoy the other. :)
report Recommended by Xavitar
- Both anime center around a young boy that is in a rural city and both strange events that occur are (somehow) related to a mysterious, young girl that is less shown to the others but the main character knows her and is a friend of the girl. -Both anime are not you're traditional "happy end" story since the end is more like a neutral one when the outcome is happy but the loss is far too great to be called an total H.E (Happy End). -Although the characters were friends they   read more
report Recommended by Keylifia_02
Both have to do with the supernatural, and are horror anime. Shiki and Another have superb storylines as well. However, Shiki is a bit more... extreme in its horror imo. Not for the faint of heart. ;)
report Recommended by Cecabu
Both are Horror shows with a long build up to quite a bloody conclusion. They have some intense moments throughout the show, and some shocking scenes of characters deaths, some of which in quite a creative fashion. If you liked the idea of a mysterious girl who is linked to "death" in another, then you'll enjoy a similar premise in Shiki, and vice-versus. Both have a very Erie vibe throughout the show, with the use of sound and grim visuals, and builds up a spooky and mysterious setting. The locations of the shows are in more isolated locations.
report Recommended by Green
-Both creepy and produce the same atmosphere. -Both based in a town. -School boy recently moves to town (both main characters). -All events appear to center around a girl. -Both have a good plot and character development. -Both are "horror". I found Shiki to be more interesting than Another and felt the character development was also stronger in Shiki. Another is aimed at a slightly younger audience than Shiki.
report Recommended by dxscribed
The Mystery gets deeper when you go through each episode and the plot picks up pace really fast in the end.
report Recommended by senthilraja
Both are strange and dark anime, with charisma character. Draws are beautifuls and the atmosphere is really particular, and it's a charmed for those both anime. (and there are gore story's at the same time ^^' )
report Recommended by KuroiUndermoon
Shiki,a horror anime like Another,develops slowly but it gets better the more the story advances. It starts vaguely,without letting the viewers know much about the story or what is happening in the village,but letting traces to allow them to go ahead of the characters. The atmosphere in Shiki reminded me of Another and i think it deservers a try
report Recommended by SweetAmandine
The genre is the same - Psychological, Horror Shiki is a bit slow, but overall i felt it is a more impactful anime than another. Shiki also deals with 'undead' and has lots of character deaths n shock treatments.
report Recommended by Lucky_SLS
Both… …are mysteries about strange (and deadly) happenings in a village. …have some gratuitous violence (Another is more exaggerated, Shiki is more serious). …succeed at creating a dark and mysterious atmosphere. …have supernatural elements and deal with undeath. Another is a bit more accessible, but falls flat in terms of emotional impact and characterization. Shiki is deeper and has better writing, as well as a more satisfying finale, but suffers from a very strange art style that can be distracting at times. I think Shiki is definitely superior, but if you don’t like it you might still enjoy Another.
report Recommended by cptlee39
A story very Simillar to Another...All 2 of them takes place in a Small village,have the same Horror,supernatural feel to It..& all of them deservers a high praise on Tragic horror stories too. A very Dark,Mysterious,Horror,Supernatural,Vampire based thriller that gives off the same vibe as Higurashi series. The anime might seem boring on first few episodes but have some patience...because your patience will be rewarded as the story keeps unravelling & takes a huge turn to being a pure horror,Tragedic thriller that will give you the chills & the thrills. The story is so emotional & tragic that you will even pity the villains at some point. 😣😭
report Recommended by M3Cyberpunk