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For sure they are very a like. They are both about making it into the industry of pop culture. While Shirobako focuses on the production of anime, Bakuman focuses around the world of manga. The point where they differ the most is the romance which can be seen in Bakuman. Both animes are interesting and charming in their own way and should definitely be watched!
report Recommended by MLLu
Both series teach about the creation of some of our favorite types of entertainment and the struggles that come with them. Bakuman focuses on the creation of manga, while Shirobako tells us about the development of anime. As such both are a must watch for every anime fan, but are also a good introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the genre.
report Recommended by samonus
Both portray about the work of manga/anime industry. The course of the show teaches the step by step of this work. But bakuman has romance, and Shirobako not. Bakuman focuses on how it is done manga and Shirobako focuses about anime.
report Recommended by Usotsukki
The first describes the process of the creation of a manga, the second one of an anime. Both of them are in my opinion equally good, the only difference is in the romance part since there isnt a real couple in Shirobako.
report Recommended by Arkenh
Both shows tell us exactly how much work goes in to making some of our favorite anime/manga. Each show goes into detail about the process of making both. After watching both shows you will have a deeper appreciation for anime you watch and manga you read.
report Recommended by RealMTL
If shirobako is a love letter to the anime industry Bakuman is a love letter to the manga industry
report Recommended by WinterCrimson
Day to day happenings within the Japanese entertainment industry. Both start as highschoolers and their friend(s) having the dream to "make it big" in the business. Both share the laughs and toils of the experiences by a vast cast. Only difference is that Bakuman has a romance subplot while Shirobako is more of a "slice of life".
report Recommended by OppaiSugoi
Both Bakuman and Shirobako give us a detailed overview of the manga/anime industry. Both shows have common themes of friendship and hard work.
report Recommended by Adiyasuren
*Both animes shows how difficult it is to make the manga and anime that I download for free whenever I want. *Both animes shows the characters trying to make their dreams come true.
report Recommended by mizukasa
Both anime shows the awesome/harsh realities of making an anime/manga. Both anime shows the workflow and the hard work required for making the dream a reality. These shows are life experiences in anime form.
report Recommended by ajames123
These anime are different but similar. Shirobako is about the creation of anime. Bakuman is about the creation of manga. They both are great shows that deal with the creation of material that we enjoy so much, and watching them gave me an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making the manga/anime that we enjoy so much. I think that they both are a must see for every anime/manga fan.
report Recommended by Artorias_
In Bakuman show they show how is the world of mangakas, and in Shirobako they show how the daily life of an anime studio, the both shows are very similar in some ways.
report Recommended by Tousenmana
Both shows relate to the creation of some form of entertainment. Bakuman focuses on making manga, where Shirobako focuses on the production of anime. Both series are light-hearted and have a well paced plot which makes both of these shows worth watching!
report Recommended by Hamaneko
both shows portray people creating a a form of entertainment, in the case of bakuman the protagonists are creating a manga, although the main focus of both shows is the relationships between the main characters and the hardship they went through when in the industry.
report Recommended by Sato
Shirobako, otherwise known as "Anime - The Anime" and Bakuman, "Manga - The Anime". Both animes are excellent and give great insight into how both anime and manga respectively are produced. Both stories also follow a group of friends from a young age into adulthood as they chase their dreams. Bakuman also has a romance subplot however, which is worked in beautifully. If you liked one be sure to give the other a try, you won't regret it
report Recommended by Jammed
Both are meta-anime. Bakuman focuses on the creation of manga while Shirobako on anime. Bakuman has some shounen tendencies while Shirobako is more heart-warming.
report Recommended by Darmaiad
Bakuman is a shounen about creating Manga. Shirobako is a slice of life about Anime production. While being in different genres, these stories take it upon themselves to make the process of making the media we love into a quality narrative with characters that you want to succeed. If you enjoyed watching the process, watch these.
report Recommended by Silver-King
Bakuman teaches you about the creation and publishing of manga - Shirobako does the same, with anime. Both anime show hardworking people which is (at least for me) kind of exciting and motivating. The maybe biggest difference between the both is that Bakuman has romance, Shirobako hasn't.
report Recommended by zuraa_da
Bakuman is an entertaining Ganbatte-show with the twists of fate involving drama, romance and comedy elements. The story analyses and outlines the hard work that Moritaka and Akito are accepting in order to realize their dream of becoming successful Manga-ka. The show delivers an excitingly told and sophisticate, concrete insight into the Manga industry. Shirobako is an perfect continuation taking you on a roller coaster ride into the ups and downs of an Anime production. The Show is funny but on the other hand as precise as Bakuman in regard to the insight the industry. I like to recommend both shows because even if they look like   read more
report Recommended by Sesshomaru
Both are Slice of Life looks into the production of media, Bakuman looks at manga and Shirobaku looks at anime.
report Recommended by MustangGT65
Bakuman showed us the painstaking process that goes in to making a manga. Shirobako is the next course in your anime education as it will teach you about the production side of turning manga or an original script into an anime. We all love praising or bashing a studio for their work, but we never really knew how much work goes into the anime we watch. 10/10 would recommend any anime fan to watch Shirobako.
report Recommended by sagar_uchiha
Both series told us about anime/manga industry. Bakuman focused on mangaka duo who wanted to be #1 mangaka. Shirobako focused on 5 girls who tried to make an anime series together.
report Recommended by ade-pewe