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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
this show also revolves around creating manga bakuman makes shounen manga while gekkan shojou nozaki-kun makes shoujo manga also both series have romance, slice-of-life, and comedy as their genres
report Recommended by sakurak21
Both of them telling you the knowledge about Manga or Being Mangaka. While Gekkan Shoujo focus more on the Romance Comedy,Bakuman is give you more depth of how being a Mangaka
report Recommended by Zero_ZX13
Bakuman is similar to this show in that it has romantic elements mixed with a cast of outrageous characters with a connection to the manga industry.
report Recommended by Sarah18550
Both anime are about making manga and both of them are somewhat shounen-like with romance
report Recommended by -Alians-
Both are anime about people who aspire or are manga authors, however Nozaki is much more comical; there are lots more laughs in Nozaki than Bakuman.
report Recommended by BlizzardOfFlames
Both series feature a heavy emphasis on Mangaka (Manga Authors) and the aspects and processes required in the Manga industry. Both are very enjoyable for those who are curious about the process, or even wanting to create a Manga of their own (though, neither teach you how to do so, but shed light on how it works) Nozaki-Kun is a bit more Romance and Comedy based, but Bakuman has a good share of romance and comedy as well. Both have the protagonist working towards a love interest, and that aspect of the plot comes in to add a break form the focus on creating Manga.   read more
report Recommended by AkinaChaan
Both series revolves around manga authors and process of making manga. Bakuman covers the subject seriously, while Gekken Shoujo Nozaki kun takes a carefree comedic look on manga authors.
report Recommended by ajames123
Both have characters that publish manga. Both have a large and colorful cast of characters. Comedy focused. Romance subplot (that doesn't really go anywhere).
report Recommended by 8bitjoestar
While both shows deal with creating manga. Bakuman is a more in depth look into how manga is made for shonen jump. The characters are more relatable, and the story is much better crafted. You will be rooting for the main characters by the first episode.
report Recommended by OTPManga
The main characters of both series are student Manga authors, but they create different kinds of Manga: Shoujo Manga for Nozaki (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaiki-kun) and Shounen Manga for Mashiro&Takagi (Bakuman). Both series have a romantic-comedy feeling, but Nozaki-kun puts its attention on laughters, while Bakuman is more serious on the competition in Manga industry. We can obtain some knowledge about the creation and publish of Manga from both series.
report Recommended by lee960707
Similarity - Protagonist is the manga writer - school life Difference - Nozaki is a lot more comedy - Bakuman mainly focusing on write manga and being serious on career goal Which one is better? depend on ur preference
report Recommended by reren