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Both are about kids in elementary. The energy in both series is fast paced and exaggerated, and feature cool male leads. Very cute, and very similar. Even the main characters in both look alike.
report Recommended by June
gakuen alice and kodocha are similar, gakuen alice is like lighter I guess and not as hyper. the sanaxhayama and natsumexmikan are similar for the romance.
report Recommended by midori-
The heroines of these series are extremely similar in both their personalities and their outlooks on life. Mikan and Sakura are both elementary-school girls who find their school life difficult because of their crazy classes, especially one troublemaking boy. They succeed in solving their problems using their optimism, never-give-up attittues, and unique skills.
report Recommended by Anomalous
I think you'll like Kodocha and Gakuen Alice; they are so alike in so many ways its not even funny. The main character cares for the main guy character, tries to help them out in what they can. The main character tries to prove something to the guy main character and its gets out of hand with a bunch of laughter, and a lot of sadness. Just watch it and you'll know what im talking about. ;D
report Recommended by ohmiharu
Sana and Mikan has the similar personality. Aside from that, they both are dense in terms of love. And the main male characters: Natsume and Hayama are both cool type, yet secretly love the girl. The story line is similar too, like in the beginning, were both classes are really corrupted, but the main character will change it to the good way and make it peaceful. Both Mikan and Sana carries a huge problem on them, but they'll do their best to solve those problems. And lastly, these two anime are more on friendship. Eventhough GA doesn't have much love, but they're really similar in terms   read more
report Recommended by amane_cchi
Similiar characters and comedy. Sana and Mikan are almost the same (both twintailed and hyperactive), and same goes for Akito and Natsume (usually serious and cold but also very angsty and little perverts). Both anime have kids as protagonists, are set at school, deal with friendship, and have romance. Kodomo No Omocha has more drama than Gakuen Alice, and the latter has magic instead of music.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Both of these Anime take place in a school setting and the main female lead has to deal with a boy who is anti-social as possible. They also have simular style to the art work and the female character ends up changing the status quo, so to speak.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of them have a female protagonist who ultimately just helps out the male who they of course fall in love with. But in Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy it is currently only season 1 and so nothing major has happened and the only way to know is to keep reading the manga.
report Recommended by Ardnaed
Kodomo no Omocha and Gakuen Alice both have VERY similar characters. Natsume is a lot like Akito, and Mikan is a lot like Sana. The relationship between the two is also VERY similar. Kodomo no Omocha doesn't involve supernatural powers though. Other than that, they're REALLY similar.
report Recommended by palmon
The main girls are basically the same character; a very energetic girl who is oblivious to people's feelings. Akito and Natsume are also basically the same, being an unfeeling dangerous guy, but I think that Akito shows more feeling. Both series start off in the same way, with a girl who is in a rowdy class but then she challenges the leader and he ends up falling in love with her. Both have love triangles between the main girl, a cold guy (Akito/Natsume), and a nice guy (Luka/Naozumi), but it is obvious who she's going to end up with. Both series are about kids in grade 5/6, and   read more
report Recommended by MeNaK
The main charcter girls are both generally happy and work hard, and the are both not really smart. The main guy characters are both cold and show no emotion and usually teases the the main girlsr. They both have a side character that likes the girl, they both also have a guy friend who wheres glasses that tries to help with their problems, Both main girls look similar.Both animes have really funny moments but only rarely in certain times do they keep on serious moments. Both animes are set in Elemenatry school, and Both girls dont have siblings.
report Recommended by Otakuaku_Chan
The characters in kodocha act like Clones of Mikan and Nastume "Sana" Is like Mikan in the way she is kinda an "Air head" and she is goofy. High energy, loveable type character, "Akito" Is like Natsume in the way of a "Tsundere" Character Cold but so funny, You truly will not regret watching kodocha if you love Gakuen alice!
report Recommended by MegwenVideos
Both have a poppy, funny and look a like leads and both main characters encounter and bad boy in class and try to fix them up. Personally I think their both fun and funny anime that anyone can enjoy except for the viewers who like dark theme anime.
report Recommended by Cherrydiamond
Both main characters have a love/hate relationship. Both female leads are bright engergetic and cheerful while the male leads have the bad boy image.
report Recommended by MissC_01
Both female leads are high spirited, hardworking girls with a pechnant for finding stray dogs, that is they bring out the best in people, and their male leads are their foils being capable, exuding coolness and mystery and both weirdly love sexually harrasing their partner (but they're still kids so that can be forgiven). The tone starts off light and fluffy but gets more serious as we progress. They both are extremely enjoyable and made me laugh however Kodomo no Omocha has a greater number of episodes and can be quite frustrating in comparison to Gakuen Alice.
report Recommended by FireHeart3198