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Both have very similar plots. Gundam 00 is more serious while Full Metal Panic! is comedy oriented.
report Recommended by Pewpers
Main characters have similar backgrounds, and as result they are both pretty emotionless. Both series are mecha, and are about organizations fighting against terrorism. Also, Gundam 00's Innovators are somewhat similar to FMP's Whispered.
report Recommended by sanjica
they are both about young a kids who was originally from this arab looking country as members of a guerrilla team that took down mechas but then turned good and so became a mercenary and later he meets a person he knew when he was a guerrilla and has to fight him. the only difference is that one killed his own parents and the other didn't talk about them another difference is that one is mostly comedy and the other is mostly action. they both have to do with mechas and robots and having the most advanced weapon on their side. all in all they   read more
report Recommended by LoneWolf5875
Very similar story line the main character with and evil past trying to make the world better around him
report Recommended by Yetenekli
Mecha, action, guns, drama, and a little romance. Both these series are excellent science fiction anime with both protagonists having military experience. They show why they are in the military and doing what they do best.
report Recommended by Stark700
The plot is kinda the same, both group don't belong to the Army but they are fighting enemy for a better future......Mobile suit Gundam have more awesome fighting but Full metal panic are funnier.
report Recommended by SnowLife
I noticed a lot of similarities between FMP and Gundam 00, for example: -Mithril and Celestial Being are both Private-Armed Organizations fighting to make the world a better place. They are also both said to be more technologically advanced than their competitors. -Setsuna and Sousuke have similar pasts. They're also similar because of their awkwardness. -Gauron is basically the FMP version of Ali Al-Saachez. They're both sneaky, witty, and love warfare. They also have a past connection to the protagonist of the story. - The Whispered are similar to the Innovators. - They are both great action/mecha anime's that you should definitely watch
report Recommended by derpstain