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Both are 26 episodes-long mecha series with plenty of comedy and action. But above all, the characters in Nadesico and their relationships are eerily similar to the ones in FMP. In both we have a pretty dense mecha pilot guy (Sousuke/Akito) who's competed between a friend (Kaname/Megumi) and his captain (Tessa/Yurika). Sousuke and Yurika are even physically very similar to Akito and Kaname. In both anime we also find the tsundere, the meganekko, the ladies man, the cook, etc.
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
Screwball antics one minute, fierce realism the next. It's a bit more serious and harder to swallow, and definetly not as family friendly, but FMP! draws a few parallels.
report Recommended by BlackDranzerexe
Mecha batles, boys meeting girls, saving the world. Similar artistic style and humor throughout both animes also, though the high school setting of FMP is substituted for a battleship in MSN (more akin to FMP's submarine setting)
report Recommended by NoMercy
Both are funny action mecha shows with a blue-haired girl in love with a pointy-haired guy who pilots one of the robots. FMP! is more of a real robot show while MSN is about super robots.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both are amazing fusion series of romantic comedy and mecha action.
report Recommended by obummer
Nadesico, as FMP, is a very funny mecha anime with a little bit of romance. However, the battles in Nadesico are far from being memorable as in FMP.
report Recommended by RipJaajgko