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MM is built around a sadomasochistic pairing. Working isn't. So, when you first read Working's summary and note that it has a restaurant setting, you'd think it'd share few to no similarities with MM's school club shenanigans. BUT, Working may as well be about the members of a club interacting, so reliant on character gags it is--the whole at-work-not-school aspect getting overlooked... with school girls STILL being main characters. (Anime, I am disappoint...) What makes these two super-easy to link is MM's Arashiko and Working's Inami. They have a phobia of all things male and react with EXTREME violence whenever one comes close to them. And   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Similar plot, art, androphobic girl and good-but-unlucky main male character makes it almost identical.
report Recommended by Intro
Working bar ... MM club same vocie actors , woman with men phobia ... dominant women and the same feeling.
report Recommended by Poeticas
androphobic highschool girl and highschool guy who tries to cure her.
report Recommended by psychoLISSI
Both are about a boy that gets abused by women. Both also have a girl that suffers from androphobia.
report Recommended by imprezagc8
Characters design look similar Yuno and Inami's personality are nearly the same There're cross-dressing in both
report Recommended by darkquach
The main character's similar in the way that they both have the same voice actors and weird fetishes. There's also girls inside who are afraid of men. Comedy style is similar and so is the atmosphere
report Recommended by aKiy0z
Both have in common: *Comedy, some romance, slice of life * Both have an androphobic girl * characters have fetish and weirdness * The male protagonist helps to the heroine with her androphobia issues. * There are cross dressings in both * Similar design and atmosphere
report Recommended by darkuria
Both have a female with androphoia who is trying to overcome it with the help from her friends, and just that 1 male who is basically the punching bag. Both anime has something to do with overcoming something. Both has comedy and romance but MM! i would say has more romance than working
report Recommended by Duckii
Both male MC's have some kind of fetish, MM has masochism and Working!! has lolicon. A major part of each series also revolves around helping a girl cure her androphobia.
report Recommended by trigger_death
In both of them their is a girl who can't get close to boys because of kind of phobia and in both of them the main male character is getting too many punches on the face trying to cure it so you will get the same vibe and feel
report Recommended by Dansk93lb