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In both series, there's the idea of working. The environment is depicted with comedy especially with the characters involved. The main male protagonist also seems insecure at many times regarding the setting he is in. However, he is determined to do the work he is assigned to. There is literally humor and many jokes made throughout both series mainly related to the main male protagonist and the people he interacts with.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both comedies are really alike and are both hilarious Both anime have the main character working in a restaurant Jun Satou and Hiroomi Souma are like Ashiya Shirou and Maou Sadou Both main characters have someone they hate and fight with, but also have a bit of romance between them too
report Recommended by ChaosK9
"Just another day working with my friends for the company." The main characters in here are basically working to help their financial needs or just for their own spare time. There are wacky situations, somewhat slapstick, and the character interactions were enjoyable to watch. There is somewhat a romance development between the main characters. The difference is that Maou-sama is a fantasy-action genre, where a demon main character transports to the human world and finds a job for his next goal. Working is somewhat a normal type of work, with slapstick moments.
report Recommended by omega_d94
- Both story is about working on a fast food chain. - Good throw of comedy lines.
report Recommended by julan10
Similar to the Working!! series as a whole, this anime focuses on interactions in the work place and has moments of romance.
report Recommended by ThePunzalan
Anime about restaurant and it's staff. Funny moments. Fun to watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince