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People fighting to death, found nakama. Both are from manga, and both anime ended halfway of the plot. And both made me to look for the manga to read..
report Recommended by chanz
Deadman Wonderland and BTOOOM! are similar because they both feature a character who is thrust into a game of survival. The surrounding characters also have back stories as to why they ended up in the game. Both anime deal with death and psychological issues. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the characters' intentions. Many characters have ulterior motives to getting what they want. There is a lot of action in each, and they can get rather violent. They both have a similar style and feel, and the survival games in both give the anime a sense of danger from episode to episode.
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
Both anime are about a game where people kill each other to survive; somewhat bloody.
report Recommended by ze1da
The game of survival and a main protagonist who certainly has his life changed forever is a theme presented in both Deadman Wonderland and Btooom! Both series' main protagonists started out with an ordinary life until it is thrown into chaos like they have never imagined before. From there, they meet with the main female protagonist who becomes their ally and friend. Both series also a lot of action, drama, violence, as well as emotional scenes. Both series also features supernatural elements that deals with abnormal events.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both shows are basically "fight for your life" competitions where the contestants' actions are being recorded for a game show. Some contestants are just ordinary people being forced to fight, but there are also some "crazy killer" type people too. In Deadman Wonderland the characters fight with blood powers in a prison/carnival, in Btooom the characters fight using different types of explosives on a deserted tropical island.
report Recommended by PandaJerk007
Both have people picked out to participate in a game of survival.
report Recommended by shinigami1987
Both series feature a group of people who are trapped in a location and forced to fight each other in order to survive. Both series revolve around the protagonist trying to escape the location he's trapped in.
report Recommended by Alaczer
A death game with a nice cast of psychos
report Recommended by bakuenjincamillo
Deathmatch Style setting. Btooom! has a more random survival of the fittest as opposed to Deadman Wonderlands flair for diabolical grudge matches. Action and Detail follow a particularly gory path. Female supporting Characters that can take care of themselves but seem to have more going on and sometimes more problems then they may be worth.
report Recommended by VampyricTiddle
Both MC's are living in a distortion, horror real life game, there's a lot of blood, and free violence. Both have the female protagonists related to MC's past
report Recommended by Fukitsu
Altough Deadman Wonderman is set in a prison and Btooom on a lonely island, both Anime are about characters who got roped into a struggle for survival. Now they have to fight against different opponents to survive and escape. Moreover both Anime share very violent scenes and characters.
report Recommended by Bastian1191996
Both anime have the protagonists trapped in a situation where they have to play a game where they have to fight to the death with other players. Both anime also have great soundtracks.
report Recommended by JohnDon99
both amines' are good actions that have no problem showing blood and both have awesome fights with crazy bad ass characters that do whatever it takes to survive and both of the main characters rebel to the game and its rules but they play it regardless because they have to not because they want to, and both get rebelled against although Btoom! doesn't get that far with the rebel due to the show being cut short, and both make you feel bad for how the characters got into the game.
report Recommended by Donnavan
Survival games. Similar atmosphere. Everyone has to kill or be killed to survive.
report Recommended by Parantica
These two animes have a lot in common. Both have good histories, with confined people that need to kill each other to survive in a crazy "game". And saddest, both have incompleted histories.
report Recommended by Ackron
The characters are locked in a certain place and forced to fight among themselves.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Well, it was similar but not much like this because this is only game with bombs. Which it was into reality to forced use real bombs that can really kill somebody! For sure you may like this! I supposed you would like this but I won't spoil it!
report Recommended by 121shao
In both anime the protagonists are being forced to play a Survival game. They also meet new people and are being tested. You also could say that both anime have some plottwists.
report Recommended by Samuji