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Uta Kata
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Uta Kata
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Both explore the psychological state of a magical girl and her relationship with another magical girl, though in a different way. Both are dark.
report Recommended by Hikari_Chan
Both are very dark takes on the mahou shoujo genre, but while Madoka may seem like the more serious of the two, Uta Kata is much better at portraying the physical and emotional damage inflicted on the one who becomes controlled by their power.
report Recommended by Archaeon
Uta~Kata is another darker mahou shoujo anime that successfully deconstructs its genre much like Puella Magi, although it doesn't go to the same lengths. Both show that being a magical girl is not always a good thing (if at all) and characters might have to face some terrible consequences.
report Recommended by insoo
Both involve Magical Girls discovering powers that aren't what they seem at first glance. The shows start out innocently but descend into darker themes.
report Recommended by Archon_Wing
Both are not your average magical girl show, as they portray the dark side of that it really means to be a 'hero of justice'. Darkness exists because happiness exists.
report Recommended by MagicFlier
presents the magical girls as a curse instead of blessing, explores psychological aspects and darker world perspective
report Recommended by ChenChilla
Both explore a darker side to the magical girl genre. :3
report Recommended by BloodiRose
Both series start out fairly slow, seemingly as an innocent magical girl anime. However, they both start to turn darker as the story proceeds, and show the struggles and changes the protagonist have with being a magical girl. Uta Kata proceeds slower and, somehow, less radical, but I think if you enjoyed Madoka Uta Kata is definitely worth a shot.
report Recommended by Deathpact_Angel
- Both anime show the downside of being a magical girl. Although they have different main themes and messages. - Both protagonists are around 14 years old and react believable. - They both have a darker twist. Tho the drama is more intense in Madoka Magica.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew
Uta Kata and Puella Magi Madoka Magica are two magical girl anime that are not your typical magical girl show (at the time each were released at least), with both featuring a 14-year-old female protagonist who meets a strange girl who appears in her dreams. Many people have even seen Uta Kata as an inspiration to Madoka Magica, as both anime seem to have similar ideas, (good) soundtracks with a lot of violin playing, and even demonstrates the troubles of magic.
report Recommended by Fario-P