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Both are enjoyable slice-of-life comedies set in highschool starring an almost entirely female cast. Very similar humor and character types. Azumanga Daioh is a bit surreal at times and K-ON has the Moe-factor and a focus on music.
report Recommended by infjeff
Both series have very similar humor, an adorable cast of characters and random moments.
report Recommended by heza
k-on and azumanga daioh is somewhat similar because they are bunch of/ group of girls having no similar personalities but they just get along well after that significant circumstances....they are all so funny LOL .. ^_^
report Recommended by j-rose
Azumanga Daioh is a first generation school life anime. While not music-based and still random (seeing its a general school life genre), it has a more meaningful and funny storyline than K-ON! with a broader variety of characters.
report Recommended by KnightessKana
Both are kind of care free, and while K-On has more of a storyline, it is pretty much an episode by episode show filled with carefree fun.
report Recommended by goofydude
Azumanga Daioh and K-ON share a similar feeling. The main characters are all girls from school, and comedy is an important part. Also, the type of jolly and sometimes random humour is very alike.
report Recommended by andredrezefilth
Well, K-on! is more or less evolutioned azumanga. Both are moe-slice comedies, and K-on! is similar in a lot of small details like Mugi eyebrows=Chio pigtails and other stuff like that. A lot of tempers remain the same also, Sawako is more or less equal to Yukari, for example. Although K-on! has only one "salty" joke unlike azumanga, both shows remain a lot of similarities and if you liked one you should probably enjoy the other one.
report Recommended by Vizvezdenec