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"Bungaku Shoujo" Movie
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Both story revolve around a schools literary club. The members work on building relationships with each other and the style for the characters is similar.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
A literature club and a classics club work to solve mysteries. The hero and heroine of both stories have similar personalities.
report Recommended by arsonal
The main characters are very similar in both amine. And they have familiar feeling.
report Recommended by sugeee
both animes are talking about high school life .. heroes are in the same club , which is not popular for lots of people .. characters are almost tepical ! the main club of two stories are almost alike .. about literature and classics .. I should also mention that art and atmosphere of both animes are identical !
report Recommended by GeneraL_A
The heroine from both show are in a literature club with similar personalities, and on top of that both show is about romance and solve Mysteries at school.....the art are similar as well
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both stories are about the activity in a school's literature club. Both of the clubs solve some kind of minor mysteries, some of them have happened several years ago. If Bungaku Shoujo was a TV series, I'm sure it would have been even more similar to Hyouka. Some of the characters in those anime are very much alike. 1. The main heroines in those anime, Eru and Touko, are very similar, in looks, in their goals and character. 2. The protagonists, Hotarou and Konoha are both talented, but they don't realize it, talk about it or try to use their talents by their own initiative. They also   read more
report Recommended by Kamakirisaku
Both have a boy and a girl solving mysteries together. Touko has very similar personality with Chitanda, as the normally polite-speaking girl but revealed to have weird quirk and really love mysteries. The relationship with main cheracters and the atmosphere are also pretty similar. Hyouka has more mysteries, while Bungaku Shoujo has more focus on the drama, relationship, and romance.
report Recommended by toumei_