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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
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Similar artistic style (cartoonish, textures, stylish effects, simple vectors, bright colors), similar comedy and both are about an average guy with a bunch of friends that have crazy antics with him at school or other various places. Both are harem-style and have lots of girls and fanservice.
report Recommended by Mayuka
-Both involve somewhat of a love triangle -Similar animation (Off colored backgrounds, weird coloring of characters, strange effects ect) -Both involve a shy girl and a tsundere -Both are comedy-romance shows with a little bit of slice of life.
report Recommended by Tokisario
Nisekoi and Baka to Test are very similar in many ways: - They have many perverted characters - Almost panty shots and sexy scenes - Cute and beautiful girls - Complicated love
report Recommended by HeyHarp
First of all, the comedy here will make your day great. The nosebleeds, the awkward faces they make, i mean what could be better if they make faces when they get humiliated. Also loved the romance here and love revelations. You won't know who the MC is really paired to whom (except he has a current crush but still made a promise in the past somewhat that). The romance really makes a great impact of the anime. Some good suspense although situations throughout the show are pretty much predictable. Better watch this when you're in a bad karma
report Recommended by HorribleLoli
+Both are high school romantic comedy +Very similar over-the-top humour with incredibly ridiculous over reaction/facial expressions +The girls are VERY similar in both animes. Having a foreign tsundere girl and a shy girl -Nisekoi is harem, whereas Baka Test is more of a love triangle -Nisekoi focuses more on the bonds between the MC and the girls, whereas Baka Test is a slapstick comedy with some romantic aspect.
report Recommended by johnschulz
Both are rom coms, nisekoi has a harem whereas baka to test has two girls fighting over the main character, focuses alot on comedy and is a very funny show. Baka to test takes place in school where classes in different ranges of smartness fight it out using their test scores to win better class equipment.
report Recommended by whatamememe