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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
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Very similar feel and humour. Aki from BakaTest and Kousaku from Nourin are spitting images of each other in personality! Nourin is smuttier though ...
report Recommended by Allografter
The anime have a same kind of feel and they have the same kind of humor. If you enjoy one of them, you're going to enjoy the other probably as well.
report Recommended by xMichi
The school where our main characters study are slightly different than your regular ones, one is about agriculture while other is more related to super-powers. Nonetheless, the comedy style is very similar and so is the art. You will surely enjoy Nourin if you liked Baka Test even if the overall premise is different ;)
report Recommended by TragicRomance
+ Same random humor + Main characters are very similar and both shows have a love triangle + School setting where different groups in the school compete against each other (BtT has classes and grades and Nourin has different agricultural sections)
report Recommended by Asfaria
From the studio that brought you the action series "Strike the Blood" comes a romantic comedy in a school environmental place. The story features a main male character who are caught up in a situation revolving girls around his space. It can be either love, jealous, hate, or emotions depending their mood of their actions. Expect some slapstick, and funny moments in here as the show goes on. Baka and Test is a fantasy show where characters uses avatar through a battle competition. No-rin is a normal show that features an Idol who takes a "break" from entertainment and attends a school.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both of the anime are made by the same director and it really show in the art style. Both of the show also use a multitude of cliche in an extreme way. They both have a really stupid and perverted MC, the childhood friend who is secretly in love with the MC, the shy popular girl the MC is in love with. Nourin is pretty much a Baka Test agricultural version.
report Recommended by minouneetzoe
Similarities: - The Comedy parts of these two are almost the same but Baka to Test is much more funnier than Nourin - The Teachers in these anime are weird - Main Female Characters likes the Main Male Character - Both anime do weird missions or tasks ( weird & funny ) - Both Comedy, School and Romance genre'd anime - Makes you want to watch more
report Recommended by Nyaroha
Both are hilarious animes that will make you die from laughter.
report Recommended by PandaGG528
well, this is my first recommendation when i first watching this anime, i had a feeling like the anime i have watched before. that anime was baka to test to shoukanjuu. the similarities are : 1. both akihisa and kousaku have an identical hairstyle, but different colour. 2. both akihisa and kousaku have an identical "idiot" personality. 3. both the graphics of nourin and baka to test have the same style 4. both nourin and baka to test have many of pervert characters sorry for my bad english
report Recommended by treeoflol
There's some sort of love triangle, it's comedy, the main characters are schoolgraders and they're a group of friends. They're very similar in essence
report Recommended by HiridessaCullen