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Sadly I haven`t read the Sora no Otoshimono manga, but judging from the description of it DearS seams very similar to it: A male protagonist encounters an "angel", later meets a second tsundere-like angel and has an female childhood friend. Though Mitsuki seems to differ from Neneko. Both are ecchi series.
report Recommended by Shelling
Both have similar feel to it a boy find an alien/angel boy not want the alien/angel around than crazy insanity in sues. It has the whole master thing going on collars around the neck and clueless "pets" what more can I say both are very similar.
report Recommended by Yuri-Hime
Both are stories loaded with fan service and comedy that revolve around a mysterious semi-super powered slave race that falls into the hands of an ordinary high school kid.
report Recommended by Mashed__Potato__
almost the same anime specialy with the whole "master" thing
report Recommended by rave_ash
A dude has an alien slave with a metal ring around her neck pledge to serve him, and his female childhood friend isn't too thrilled.
report Recommended by robfoster
Both main characters find a cute girl which aren't human.They start living with them. The non-human girl doesn't know about the world around them the the main guy has to teach them. Other people are looking for them because they're different than others of their kind. Also the girls both have collars.
report Recommended by Deer50
The supernatural female is somehow attached to the male
report Recommended by AddictofAnime
They do contain similar ideas in plot, and have similar styles of art. All in all, I enjoyed them both for the same reasons.
report Recommended by Sercod
a fun echhi, harem anime both the anime's have a girl who becomes the slave of the guy nd they call him master + they have awesome body(boobs i mean)
report Recommended by fullmetalpower
These anime are basically the same exact anime's with different carachters and a bit more story.
report Recommended by senshi54
Both have girls Ikaros/Ren aren't human Both the males Tomoki/Takeya act in a similar way but Tomoki is alittle more ecchi Both have the girls serve their master after they were found out of nowhere The girls have secret abilitys non human like The girls are similar on how they act as well and how they treat their master.
report Recommended by AznBaka
if you liked DearS you would like Sora no Otoshimono, the whole slave/master thing drives in them both wit the whole big breast thing going on. Very ecchi yet entertaining.
report Recommended by outofmimind
I watched the entire series of Heavens Lost Property and Heavens Lost Property Forte, not including the OVAs. The dears from the show are basically aliens that live their lives being slaves and they don't mind. Heavens Lost Property is similar because the Angeloids main purpose is to serve their masters. Both series are really good though and I'm currently reading the Heavens Lost Property manga.
report Recommended by Mcadogg1
Both animes have a similar master servant relationship with the male lead the master and the female lead the servant or slave. Both animes are loaded with comedy and ecchi. Although DearS has relatively less comedy and ecchi as compared to Sora no Otoshimono.
report Recommended by Yamada2
This show lacks the action that is brought by Sora no Otoshimono, even if there wasn't much to begin with. However this show definitely has more just as much if not more comedy to it, also the show completely reminds me of Sora no Otoshimono with the characters as well as the story. The animation lacks slightly, not a lot but still a little bit, however I almost thought DearS was better in my opinion.
report Recommended by MrRonSunkist
Both are ecchi harem comedies where main character encounters supernatural females (angels/aliens).
report Recommended by abystoma2
they have very i mean similar story's both girls are program to serve one's master and both have child hood friends that like him and wake him up in the frist sceen but whats different it is the main characters DearS isnt a pervert and Sora no Otoshimono is one a big one at that plus Sora no Otoshimono is hole lot more actin pack also in DearS the relationship is all most like Chobits well kinda in both after watch it you might these story's are almost carbon copys
report Recommended by SteveBert
First thing I thought of when watching Heavens lost property was "This reminds of DearS". They both involve a guy who randomly encounters an alien, in DearS it is a DearS, in HLP, it's an Angeloid.
report Recommended by Scragleton
Both are exactly about a non-human girl that enters the life of a male mc while they try to help them out from whatever problem they are in (i.e., if they are being chased by evil organization or runaway, etc.) Non-human girls may at times appear to lack common sense/ have special powers.
report Recommended by RedPlaty
Pretty close to the same. If you like one you will like the other. Alien girl get found by guy that doesn't want anything to do with them (yet). They move in with him and let the hi jinks began. Later on another alien shows up. Second Alien doesn't like the first but they end up beginning friends in the end. While the first alien wants no other thing in the world thank to impress there master and have his affection. But force from there world try to tear them apart. Both are very good series and I highly recommend both
report Recommended by Medic90
I literally recommended Sora no Otoshimono to a friend thinking it was DearS. After watching 3 episodes, I still didn't figure it out until I found DearS and realized sora was a slightly more random version of DearS, at least at first.
report Recommended by capoeiragrrl