D.C.: Da Capo, Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch Recommendations

D.C.: Da Capo
If you liked
D.C.: Da Capo
Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch
...then you might like
Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch
Again harem/romance type. similar character designs and behavior. You got to like it when you liked the other one
report Recommended by Guybrush
All harem animes are similar, don't you think? But I think Canvas 2 is much, much better than Da Capo. Still, I recommend you watch Canvas 2... ^_^
report Recommended by rainbow_heart
Both feature a main male character that have sister figures who love then more than a sibling and must overcome the feelings of themselves and others to be together.
report Recommended by Emeraldexile
Both visual novel adaptations with a few character designs by Naru Nanao.
report Recommended by _eternal
When watching one, I couldn't help but b reminded of the other. They both have the same harem storyline and the character designs are so similar I expected a character from the other series to jump out at any moment.
report Recommended by patient_senses
Canvas 2 is similar in Da Capo 2 in many ways. The artworks are really nice and similar. You basically have a male protagonist in both shows who lives together with a cute girl. It's a similar harem show where the girls is in love with the male protagonist and is easily jealous or mad if they are not the center of attention.
report Recommended by BalambSqually