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Both animes focus on an illegitimate brother and sister relationship (although in both cases they're not blood related) involving the male protagonist. And while this love in coming into fruition, other girls are also typically interested in this male protagonist. In addition, magic plays a vital role in either helping this relationship develop or hindering it in both animes. One thing to note is that Da Capo has more harem (i.e. more girls interested in the main character) relative to Gift.
report Recommended by zanmato666
Two romantic comedy dramas (Heavier emphasis on drama rather than comedy) anime that revolve around sis-con (Sister-Complex) relationships between the male lead and female lead. Both stories also occur in a similar setting involving a town or city that grants people\'s wishes or desires due to a mysterious or magical object. There are many similar character archetypes and personalities to be found between both anime as well, and the visual artstyle is strikingly similar.
report Recommended by Mushushu
same scenes or same happenings.. the only big difference is just that the girls in da capo are inlove with the male protagonist.while in gift they just like him as their friend(i guess)..
report Recommended by inn0centdem0n
Gift and Da Capo are the same story with different characters. Gift is shorter and more to the point while Da Capo will waste your time on a lot of useless episodes and side characters. If you want to watch Da Capo just do yourself a favor and watch Gift instead. Or better yet, don't watch either. Walk away.
report Recommended by Earwen
first off, both gift and da capo has a brother-sister complex. In Gift the couple is Riko and Haruhiko, in da capo the couple is Nemu and Junichi , both of the anime have siblings as a couple. Second, in gift, the magic that grant wish is the unfaded rainbow, rainbow that always show up, meanwhile in da capo, the magic based on the undying sakura tree, sakura that always blooms. Third, both in gift and da capo, the male protagonist is being around some girls. In Gift Haruhiko surrounded by Riko, Kirino, Chisa, Rinka, Yukari and Nami. In da capo Junichi surrounded by Nemu, Sakura,   read more
report Recommended by kuncrut
Based on a visual novel by the same company (though Gift was produced under slightly different circumstances), both Gift and Da Capo share similar comedy/romance/harem themes, as well as the underlying ambiance of magic and fantasy, and how it can be used for good or bad. Both shows also cover the infamous "siblings but not REALLY siblings" relationship.
report Recommended by _eternal
if da capo used sakura tree, gift used rainbow. And the male protagonist acts like jun'ichi the female protagonist looks like kotori
report Recommended by mucchii
The art/animation style of Gift is similar to Da Capo. Circus also has a hand in the production of the visual novels of both titles and therefore the similarity.
report Recommended by Kireas
Both series are considered harem with the main protagonist dealing with the girls in her life in a school life setting mixed in with supernatural themes. Both series has elements of romance, drama, comedy, and some emotional moments as well that balances out the story.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both have a VERY similar story. Someone close to one of the characters dies and before they die, they cast a magic that is supposed to protect and help them. The magic is represented in the form of an everyday thing (Rainbow/Sakura tree). The characters end up having problems with the magic later on in life and so they destroy it.
report Recommended by FallenFew