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Aoi Hana
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Sasameki Koto
Really similar settings, characters. You couldn't tell Sumi apart from Fumi even if your life was on the line (: Both sweet shoujo-ai, slice of life animes. Though sasameki koto is a bit better imo (:
report Recommended by ThePuisiitis
They are both yuri series that are a bit on the realistic side
report Recommended by gloomheart
both Shoujo Ai :) with similar feel and pace.
report Recommended by haliaetus
Shoujo-ai "since of life" series with a little bit of comedy. Fumi is similar to Sumika (tall, with glasses) and Akira is similar to Ushio (cute and crazy).
report Recommended by MilkShake
Same kind of ambiance. ( Calm, sweet, ...) Both are very great shoujo-ai, with mature caracters who mentaly grows during the serie.
report Recommended by Dailymoon
Yuri theme, awesome Aoi Hana. If you liked it, you must watch Sasameki Koto, though is good after the first 2 episodes.
report Recommended by RandomGuySama
The characters, story and the overall feel that the both animes has. If one have watched and enjoyed Aoi Hana, they should give Sasameki Koto a try.
report Recommended by MysticHrist
Both are shoujo-ai anime with the same feeling. They also have similar characters
report Recommended by Digikawaii
- Both yuri based theme. - Both have one character that support other love and the one that keep falling in love with someone. - Male character is a rare thing in both anime as the female character dominate this anime. - Both mc are pretty similar in personality but their character design are swapped. In Aoi Hana the long hair girl is weak willed and the one being supported while in Sasameki Koto the long hair one is the strong and the one that supported the other.
report Recommended by Kazra07
They are both yuri series whose main characters eventually fall in love with each other or realize they have feeling for one another. Both anime are short even though their manga has enough material for another season.
report Recommended by gayanime
Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana are super alike. If you enjoyed one I asure you, you will enjoy the other, I swear. Both are really soft yuri animes. Sasameki Koto has a bit of fanservice, but it's not gross at all, in general is as soft as Aoi Hana. Also both protagonists (Fumi and Sumi) not only look similar in appearance, but they also have one thing in common: they both fall in love with their best friend (Fumi has Akira, Sumi has Kazama), who is quite oblivious about their friend's feelings. And lastly, both endings lack of a certain something (not that it ruins the anime   read more
report Recommended by KyousounoUta
Aside from romance between girls. Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto has similar vibe when it comes to story telling. Both are realistic and does not jump on some unexpected scenes such as having 'fan-service' etc. Both story are pure and really sweet.
report Recommended by varcharTV
Both Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana are good Shoujo Ai series. For people who watched only one of them, maybe you will like the other one stated too ^^ 1. Both anime gives a gentle feeling and shows out the pureness in Yuri anime. 2. Both anime shows how is it like to fall in love with someone. 3. Both main lead, Fumi Manjoume (Aoi Hana) and Sumika Murasame (Sasameki Koto) are similar in a way that both girls are reserved. 4. Both Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana go more for the slice-of-life type of story rather than yuri fanservice and ecchi (You won't find any ecchi-ness   read more
report Recommended by Reina_banana
Fumi and Sumika are very similar in appearance. Both anime are very good Girls Love-SOL-anime, which are serious on their topics. They have a similar pacing, art style and vibes to them.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
Both animes are shoujo-ai, very "calm" (not too much of a complicated relationship) and they talk about accepting yourself. I personally think they are both worth a watch. :)
report Recommended by LeaOutLoud