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Feeling of a shy little girl (not good at social) falling in love with a popular boy in Hiyokoi is like Sawako (not good at social) falling in love with Kazehaya (popular boy) in Kimi ni Todoke. Except there's no rivals to fight against in Hiyokoi.
report Recommended by tsubasalover
Produced by the same studio, similar atmosphere and a similar setting for both anime. Extremely shy girl meets popular guy who takes a liking to her, drastically changing her life.
report Recommended by Yamaro
Obviously! Same director, similar art. Shy, unsocial girl meets superpopular, kind boy and starts to make friends because of him. they are deskmates too
report Recommended by SuperSamos
The female protagonist of Hiyokoi -Hiyorin- have the shy character of Sawako (from Kimi ni Todoke), and have the same appereance of Taiga (from Torodora) and in terms of height Yuushin and her are the opposite of Risa and Atsushi (from Lovely Complex). The story of Hiyokoi is similiar to these 3 animes as well.
report Recommended by nekopaw
Both about a popular boy helping a shy girl overcome her shyness.
report Recommended by TiTaNz
Both main girl charas are shy and quiet and their partners are cheerful and outgoing. They start to make more friends as time passes by thanks to their partners
report Recommended by aKiy0z
Both have shy girls who fall in love with popular boys despite obstacles. Both protagonists learn to make new friends. Both girls even have appearances that remind their classmates of other things (Sawako reminds her classmates of Sadako from The Ring, and Hiyori reminds them of a hiyoko, or baby chick).
report Recommended by SakuraHeart
•both have the light fluff romance, between a popular guy, and an unpopular, unsocialised girl, which is very very shy •both have the sense of happiness, light warmheartedness, enabling oneself to grow, but thats the typical of shoujo romances. •both main girls start off with 0 or 1 friends because they dont know how to interact due to their shyness from different circumstances, •both girls start to develop friends, and become more open, all thanks to the typical popular guy who has interest in the girls. •they are very similar, though Hiyokoi is a short 23 min film, its still a must watch if you really liked kimi   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
It's similar to its genre and the attitude of the protagonists. Both female protagonists doesn't want to mingle with its classmates and does want to be alone and also the one they like is friendly and popular.
report Recommended by dropdeadalleycat
Hiyokoi and Kimi no Todoke are extremely similar. Hiyori and Sawako are cute, shy, lovely, kind, and pretty girls who fall in love with popular guys (Yuushin/Kazehaya). In both anime, the male main characters have a sexy laugh! Both of them are hot, playful, popular, have many friends. Plus both of them fell in love with the cute main character! If you like Kimi no Todoke, then you will definitely love Hiyokoi.
report Recommended by Frost_Kiss
Both Hiyokoi and Kimi ni Todoke involve a shy main character girl who doesn't fit in with the class until she meets the popular main boy who helps her experience many things, eventually falling in love with him. In Hiyokoi, Hiyori doesn't fit in well due to her short height, whereas in Kimi ni Todoke, Sawako doesn't fit in for her ghost-like aura and appearance (which have caused people nickname her as Sadako). In the end, things work out where the main guy helps the main girl.
report Recommended by babyblue999
They are almost the same anime. Both are romance animes and both are about a girl who isnt that social falling in love with the popular kid in class. Hiyokoi is an 1 episode special, so dont be disappointed if you cant watch more of it (like me)
report Recommended by Animegatekeeper
Popular guys fall for shy girl and vice versa. Guys try and help girl fit in while making friendship with her. Their relationship undergoes challenges and they become closer.
report Recommended by -shoyo-