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Kimi ni Todoke
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Kimi ni Todoke
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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
both women protagonist in the anime are pretty scary person.. both man protagonist is popular romantic
report Recommended by pakin
They both have the same atmosphere, high school romance.
report Recommended by kaylee130
Both animes have the same love atmosphere and great protagonists
report Recommended by palladino69
maybe KnT have different atmosphere in KWMS. but when i watched KWMS, i just thought of KnT. somehow, both gives a mood of sweet roamnce & both have great hero & heroine.<3 ig you love KnT, you'll definitely love KWMS too.
report Recommended by chie_shou13
These are both shojo romance type shows with the main characters of course being the boy and girl and each of them trying to express their feelings to each other. Typical moments where things get sad and then sappy, but if you are a shojo romance fan, you will absolutely love these!
report Recommended by jso
They are both very heartwarming stories about a schoolgirl who's relatively disliked by her classmates or even everybody else in the school except a nice popular guy who has become to like the girl. Both, Usui and Shouta weren't very open about that at first, but they both finally confessed and obviously got a positive answer. The stories are very alike and it's possible to draw some parallels between the characters also.
report Recommended by Tsiise
The romantic storylines are both very catching and you yearn for their relationships to grow.
report Recommended by Inukekarynatsusu
it has its cute and a LOT of funny moments.
report Recommended by yessiex3
They are both shoujo romance comedies set in high school though the romances are subtle and gentle with plenty of drama and comedy. I'd recommend these two because they are good fun to watch, almost like a chickflick lol so if you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by KatieMH
If you're looking for NOT passionate (steamy) romance, it may be perfect for you.
report Recommended by Patry-chan
Both has a "Handsome young boy" in love with the girl, Want's to make you smile :) Slice of life. Very cute
report Recommended by Gallient
Both are romantic anime's, though both main characters have different personalities! Other than that, Kimi Ni Todoke is a very good anime :)
report Recommended by cherriox
Who doesn't love the popular boy falling for a 'normal' girl? Or in this case, the violent and outspoken student council president. It's a great rom com that will make you shriek with joy each time you see the main characters together. What will Misaki (the president) do when Usui (the popular boy) discovers her secret? Watch it to find out!
report Recommended by Jozlyne