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Kimi ni Todoke
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Kimi ni Todoke
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Both are about navigating love and romance in a very realistic and overly sensationalized way.
report Recommended by vietpride218
TL;DR: Both anime are extremely similar in terms of the romance and the respective characters in the show, but slightly different in regards to the length. Kimi ni Todoke and Tsuki ga Kirei are truly gems in the romance department that are rarely seen in anime nowadays in which you have a pure relationship born from circumstances that the audience can actually relate to. The characters aren't blatantly unrealistic or in possession of supernatural/magical ability. They are simply two, normal individuals, who find affection in one another as they steadily become more involved with one another over time—recognizing each other's virtues and personalities. The characters   read more
report Recommended by Araluen
Both are very feel good romance with well wrapped up endings.
report Recommended by McSlurryhole
Have you ever loved someone? Family, Friends, Self, and Others. Love is interpretation. Kimi ni Todoke and Tsuki ga Kirei portrays true love. Just as described above. Both are simply similar. There is every drama in school. Styles also very soft. Sawako Kuronuma touches people including Shouta Kazehaya, and she grows up. It is the most important thing for her to intersect Kazehaya. He changed her everything. Kuronuma and Kazehaya's relationship is so grinning. You'll cheer them in your heart. By the way, Tsuki ga Kirei's Protagonist, Kotarou Azumi. He meets Akane Mizuno fortuity, and his life has begun to move. Their relationship is more grinning than Kuronuma and Kazehaya. If anything, I like   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both slice of life, romance anime that revolve around everyday life. Truly masterpiece's of the romance genre and would love to watch more.
report Recommended by silverwing754
They are both such adorable and at the same time awkward romances! Both give off a very fluffy feeling.
report Recommended by Jewel_Sims