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Kimi ni Todoke
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Kimi ni Todoke
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In both shows there are characters that have social struggles with their classmates. The relationship between main characters is also similar, as the male lead is more "happier" type of person and the female lead more "timid" type of person. In both shows the female leads both surprise you so if you have seen one, give other a try :)
report Recommended by Lylaaz
The main characters' personalities and dynamics are similar. If you like one of them you might also like the other one.
report Recommended by toumei_
The comedy is similar and so are a lot of the characters. They also have a similar feel to them. The difference is that Kimi ni Todoke has more romance.
report Recommended by adjxxy
Shows that explore social connections and challenges in adolescent life. Oodles of romance in both, as well as more realistic character interactions. Both spectacular in regards to animation styles and character development. Similar awkward, shy girl characters that are pivotal to plot development. Wonderfully simple yet engaging.
report Recommended by Dangst4r
Basically Kimi Ni Todoke is ReLIFE sans Sci-Fi (Appearance/Age altering). Kimi Ni Todoke has More romance and friendship. Yet ReLIFE got more motivational matters. Kimi Ni Todoke is centered around the girl (Sawako) which is basically much like Hishiro. If you like this kind of girl (kuudere like or whatever), I highly recommend this series (Kimi Ni Todoke) All of them is both cute, refreshing, relaxing, and yet still pack a message. Have fun!
report Recommended by glicohonda
The romance is similar as well as comedy. The girl has a creepy smile and she is isolated to the class then later the whole class starts to be friendly to her. Entertaining and fun to watch. The guy helps the isolated girl to be friendly to her classmates as well as other people.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
its basically the same an awkward girl fall in love with a charismatic boy. both dont know a way to smile and the smile is pretty much awkward. and with the hint of background love story. however there are differences as well.
report Recommended by lezend-king