Chrno Crusade, Black Cat (TV) Recommendations

Chrno Crusade
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Chrno Crusade
Black Cat (TV)
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Black Cat (TV)
You will fall in love with both the male leads. you will also believe that the childhood friends/friends belong together.
report Recommended by blue_monkey
Both series has similar darker tone to its story and presentation. Both of them are full with likable characters whom are making lots of funny scenes with each other when they are not busy with their individual drama. Both anime contains a charismatic villian who makes an everlasting inpression on the viewer. These two anime are manga adaptations.
report Recommended by ninjadante
both anime main character Chrno and black cat betray in order to save the loved one's.both are old animes.
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
These are pretty much animes cut from the same cloth. Similar art style, similar character development, similar themes. Needless the say I enjoyed them both.
report Recommended by Dhracian
Both have pretty serious plot lines and involve guns (which is pretty epic). The antagonists both have white/silver hair xD
report Recommended by Christine_Luong
In both these anime, there is an organisation against evil. Both anime start of with a plot that seems pretty simple but evolves into a story that is much more complex and filled with a variety of emotions. I watched black cat first and immediately fell in love with it. When I watched the first episode of Chrno Crusade it didnt take long to think that it reminded me of black cat.
report Recommended by crimsonrose2407
The anime "Black Cat" fits very well as a recommendation for "Chrno Crusade". Both series have a similarly dark undertone, but present themselves with likeable characters who do a lot of nonsense besides their actual "job". The antagonists are charismatic, so you can't/won't just call them the bad guys. Both anime are based on a good manga and also offer a respectable drama element, similarly structured in both cases, revolving around loved ones and betrayal. Also, the characters go through a very parallel development and the plots of the anime seem very simple in the beginning but then become more complex, especially as the stories   read more
report Recommended by Sesshomaru