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Sora no Otoshimono
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Both similar school setting, both have perverted main characters (though Tomoki just seems to have that extra edge of coolness even though he can't fight), both ultra sexy girls, good fights (with DxD focusing more on the fights) and both great fun to watch, They're also like reverses of each with Otoshimono focusing on angels (or what ever they are) and Dxd focusing on devils.
report Recommended by mobileshaman72
Perverts vs Corrupted Angels Both anime are about celestial beings, perverted scenes and jokes, busty girls with wings who like the main character, and a protagonist who wants to save everyone while trying to peek at girls
report Recommended by justice0
Both series are of the harem genre in which the main protagonist is surrounded by various girls of conflicting personalities. Supernatural, action, ecchi are involved as the story progresses and emotional lines are drawn. Both main guy also are perverted and their minds are filled with thoughts of the opposite sex.
report Recommended by Stark700
They both have a perverted guy, but DxD has devils, while SNO has angels.
report Recommended by kipper5678
The series is know to have a significant amount of fan service throughout the show with an almost all female cast, and single male character. The main male character is depicted as a good and fun person, with a good sense of caring to his friends. Though they mostly have "fun" playing with the girls through random times and sometimes gets punished in the end. However, what awaits them is a threat, and that they use desperate measures to eliminate them. Highschool DXD, focus on demons who uses supernatural powers, and focus on the club activities. Otoshimono focuses on angels who fall down the sky   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both Focus HEAVILY on fanservice, have large amounts of action, and a perverted main character.
report Recommended by OneTrueAce
Similar humor
report Recommended by EGIAG
If your looking for high quality Ecchi and Heram anime with lots of laughs along the way then High School DxD and Heavens Lost property are for you! Both have badass fight scenes (DxD more so), hilarious perverted MCs, and of course Tig ol' Bitties. Because i mean thats really what we are here for, plenty of fan service! Their is a romance aspect to both, again DxD more so then Heavens Lost Property, which makes the viewer root for certain girls along the way. Also, worth noting is the abundance of episodes, 3 seasons for DxD and 2 seasons for Heavens Lost Proberty. Enjoy!
report Recommended by deadlight_brit
- Both MC's are perverts looking to basically make a harem - Sora no Otoshimono is a lot more laid back with more comedy base - DxD revolves around demons while Otoshimono is about angeloids - Both are extremely ecchi - If you want a nice, calmer show similar to DxD, this is it!
report Recommended by Umi
Both anime the MC is perverted and funny. Both anime, the girls are supernatural beings. Both action and enjoyable comedy story.
report Recommended by Luuji222