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Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
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Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
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The many-worlds interpretation and quantum physics. Not your usual anime bedfellows. Both series deal with time travel under the assumption that every choice we make can create an alternate, divergent time-line / dimension. Noein is a lot more ambitious than Steins;Gate, which preferred to stay within time travel limited to days-weeks and the same area. In Noein, the other selves of the child cast time travel with enhanced bodies; conversing with their younger selves as they fight using superpowers and struggle to sustain their bodies in a dimension they don't belong in. The future involving an entity known as 'Noein' destroying all alternate dimensions is   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Both anime is about time-travelling and the mechanism is used excellently in both stories. Noein spends a bit more time with the "future" worlds than Steins;Gate does and feels a bit more darker/moody than Steins;Gate because the latter had more funny dialogue. Aside from that, Steins;Gate generally had better characters so expect some differences in characterization (Noein had a younger cast in the present timelines), but character developments in both was quite well done.
report Recommended by Tachii
Noein is the "kiddo" version of Steins;Gate. Both have time-travel plot, and in both the hero wants desperately to save the girl he loves and his friends from a terrible event and at the same time prevent an horrible future to humanity. Both are a great watch.
report Recommended by Orulyon
Parallel worlds, time travel, convergence, unlimited possible futures, hopelessness, despair, different space-time theories, inability to escape from fate and of course people who (un)willingly screw everything up... They share so many tropes! Even the character design is somewhat similar, although Noein takes more risks, I'd say. It seems to me that Steins;Gate is more otaku-oriented while Noein is more of a slice-of-life and romance. Nonetheless, both anime excel in plot twists and characterization, as well as entertainment value.
report Recommended by insoo
Both anime deal with time travel, quantum physics and theories of diverging time lines.
report Recommended by campo0000
Travel through time lines, different dimensions, a continuous struggle for a better future and prevent chaos. Also in both anime the protagonist struggles to protect the girl he loves and friends that he appreciates.
report Recommended by Koshka_hime
Both shows depict Time traveling with unlimited possibilities. Both shows that the main character has the ability to view the other timelines. Noein focuses more on the Dragon Knights from La'cryma (one of Earth's possible future) coming to the present to retrieve an 'object' called 'Dragon Torque' in order to save their world. As the Dragon knights enters into this timeline (the present) by accident, one of the Knights realised that this timeline is very similar to theirs and swore to protect the dragon torque at all costs. The others insists that it is just an illusion and the torque is just a tool, but he   read more
report Recommended by lostplanets
The two anime share a lot of background concepts, in particular parallel timelines and time travel within the framework of quantum physics. There are some subtle differences in their interpretations of these concepts and they differ quite a lot in their presentation, however they are both excellent, highly recommended sci-fi titles.
report Recommended by szdarkhack
Both are Sci-Fi anime dealing with time travel and alternate realities/worlds. However, Steins Gate is the grown-up version of Noein--it does not have the amazing musical score that Noein has, but it definitely has more mature themes. This anime makes you think, while Noein captivates more than anything (though it certainly makes you think too). Give this anime the first 10 episodes for plot and character development--THEN it gets exciting and addictive. But all of the episodes are beautifully done (acting and artwork are amazing). The artwork stays amazing throughout the whole series--there were probably only a couple of moments when I thought it was   read more
report Recommended by LadyJenna
Some similarities include: - Both consider time travel and infinite possible futures. - Both are incredibly confusing for most of the show, so watch out. They also take a rewatch or two to fully understand (even then, there's still some confusion!). - Both revolve around relationships with friends, family, lovers, and generally keeping together to reach a greater goal. Some differences include: - Noein is more fantasy whereas Steins;Gate tries to be more realistic. - The art styles and music played throughout the shows are very different.
report Recommended by haydocc
Both focus on time travel/alternate dimensions (of a sort) and touch on how time lines can be altered based on an incident at a certain point in time. Although Noein is more fantasy based, there are similar concepts which run throughout. Obviously there are some differences. Steins;Gate has a lighter and less intense feel than Noein which involves more combat. Steins;Gate revolves more around a central character trying to advance in science as oppposed to Noein where the science already exists and is more about the control of it. Whilst they are both unique in their own right, each give a different spin on   read more
report Recommended by venusvenus
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