Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä, Made in Abyss Recommendations

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Made in Abyss
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Made in Abyss
Both of them have incredibly imaginative fantasy settings. Both have stunning visual presentation and incredible landscapes and backgrounds. Both of them have a vast amount of fantastical creatures (animals, bugs, plants, etc.) Both of them have main characters that undergo a lot of development on their adventure and deal with a lot of hardships on their journey.
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Made in Abyss has a very "Ghibli" feel, with an eerie feeling, and a lush, rich world and deep characters and story. Very similar feel to Nausicaa in many ways.
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
If you love the hints of extended lore, creatures and scenery, beautiful animation and soundtrack, and compelling stories of Ghibli movies, then you'll love Made in Abyss. It has a similar aesthetic to Nausicaa and Laputa in particular. As a warning though, while Ghibli movies are generally made for all ages, Made in Abyss is definitely rated R+ for a reason. Not for the faint of heart.
report Recommended by wungy
In the first few minutes of each, the beautiful artwork and impressive soundtrack really grabbed my attention, as well as the overwhelming sense of mystery in the environment. Young, yet intelligent females lead the stories; their selflessness and determination is made very apparent from early on. People are warned to stay away from the dangers of the unknown, but our leads face it head on. I would definitely recommend these to any fans of the fantasy genre, or anyone looking for a darker type of story.
report Recommended by evanbelion
Both have such beautifully imaginative Worlds. Its a treat for the eyes watching these and the Storys are amazing aswell!
report Recommended by FzBlade
Has the same kind of weird bug like creatures, very artistic and unique plants, adventures and adventurous characters, similar visuals, and the same concept of a dangerous unknown filled with strange creatures with a unique twist to it that makes the unknown incredibly dangerous (the "jungles poison“ and the "curse of the abyss“) yet the main characters choose to ignore the warnings and dangers, the main characters are quite similar. Watching made in abyss reminded me so much of nausicaä and laputa
report Recommended by FlowerLeelee
Similar man vs nature theme, harsh climate, tainted oxygen in some parts of the world, death and blood, adventure, exploring
report Recommended by MystyBea
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