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Detroit Metal City
Both are slice of life shows dealing with music. The main characters are kind of similar and they are also members of bands. There is more drama and romance in BECK, while D. M. C. has more comedy.
report Recommended by Chicken008
This anime is also about music, so if thats what you want, then see it, but besides the fact that they ar both about musicians, these anime havent got anything else in common.
report Recommended by Satsugai
DMC is about music? Beck is too!!!! All who like electornic gutars and Rock must see it!!!
report Recommended by JagdCrab
While both are very obviously music orientated, I wouldn't go as far as to say they are similar anime (Beck is slice of life/comedy, while DMC is more ironic). However I will strongly recommend you following up on DMC after watching Beck.
report Recommended by defected_monkey
If you are into music and have a band,both this series is for you.Beck is more onto drama and more serious and DMC is comedy but im sure you will enjoy watching this both.
report Recommended by g0ng0n16
for the people who are fond of playing instruments and had their own band to pursue and reach their goal in music industry
report Recommended by princeszSTIX
Beck is a story of high school kids trying to make it in a world of rock. They have to deal with teenage drama, but are able to do so without being overly serious. Detroit Metal City takes it to the next level and beyond. It is completely over the top, too funny; if you aren't on the floor laughing something is seriously wrong with you. Definitely not for kids this anime will make you want to violate Tokyo Tower...
report Recommended by Brethawat
I never thought an anime music was pleasing me, but this one fascinated me. The story involves you passing the episodes with a light suspense and a touch of romance. Besides making several quotes to rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix. Who likes good old rock is required to watch this anime.
report Recommended by Kmale0n
Both is about music. Detroit Metal City focuses more on the comedy than drama which Beck focus on.
report Recommended by snyft
If you enjoyed Detroit Metal City and consider yourself a big fan of the rock genre, Beck is a must watch. Keep in mind that rock music is the only thing that are similar between these shows.
report Recommended by agusthecreator