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A Channel and K-ON! are both slice of life comedy anime about four girls. The characters of A Channel also might remind one of the K-ON! girls. Both series also have a lot of music in them - in K-ON! it is from the girls in their music club, and in A Channel it is in the insert songs each episode.
report Recommended by Tsukari
Becoming Japanese national standard for bishoujo anime, both shows are, in short, the flagship kind of anime for male consumers. They are cute girls anime based on manga series from Manga Time Kirara (Carat) and they share the same formula. Kirara style in short is to have group of girls doing cute things and show affection for each other from time to time in a not so lesbomatic way.It was proven popular in the last few years judged by the success of K-On! And Hidamari Sketch. So much for news reporting, while I’m still at it lets take a look at the actual similarity. Well, you got four   read more
report Recommended by lapisdragon
The same 'school girls + slice of life' formula, of course! Both are pretty heavy on emphasizing the close bonds between the girls so they beg comparison a bit more than other series in the genre. And while K-ON! has the light music club as a central focus, A-Channel's inclusion of an insert song in each episode gives it a bit of a musical theme as well.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
This anime gave the same feeling as K-ON! Same school setting even though in A-Channel the girls are not in a music club and same spaced out characters.
report Recommended by valechan84
Both anime have 'cute girls doing cute things' with merely implied yuri scenes. Both are slice of life anime with the same type of comedy, mostly random humor. The characters are extremely similar with all-female cast. Both follow the regular days of students, its setting being in school.
report Recommended by MisaTange
A-Channel is basically a less interesting version of K-ON without the music and with less interesting characters. Not to mention the annoying insert songs...If you liked A-Channel, you'll love K-ON! If you liked K-ON, you might still enjoy A-Channel for the similar themes.
report Recommended by supersloth
A-Channel is the show you should be watching in the current "off-season" for K-On, pure and simple. If you enjoyed the heavy focus on character interaction and the simple charm of four high school girls just being themselves, then I can't offer you a better show that is current enough than A-Channel. And let's not beat around the bush: this sort of stuff is cute. There isn't a more tasteful way to put it; you just get this "feel-good" sensation upon watching shows like this and I know if you were a K-On fan you indulged in that. A-Channel has some stronger girl-to-girl romantic overtones   read more
report Recommended by SolidSonicTH
A-channel is so very similar to K-ON, it has the same entertainment. Both shows follow four moe girls that do moe things. Its like a western sitcom with japenese moe to spice it up a little. The characters are so similar. Literally, as i watch the first episode of A-channel i was thinking "That one is Yui, that one is Azusa, and that one is Mio." They are so similar. If you like one you will like the other, end of story. I liked both.
report Recommended by Jimbo_X
Shares the same genre - comedy, slice of life, school. All girl cast. Mugi's VA also voices Yuuko.
report Recommended by coolwolf
I think the characters are very similar and Mio Yuuko mainly because they are so cute and also Run Yui seems to be on your way.
report Recommended by SayaB
If you LOVE/LIKE moe characters, an intriguing slice of life, light hearted comedy and just plain cuteness, you'll love both of these animes! Both are about the lives of a group of girls, just having fun and enjoying life!
report Recommended by Zexu
Both Moe-Blob shows with no real substance. Main characters are both air-heads, and the other characters are similar (if not seemingly the same) in terms of personality to each other. The art is different, and K-ON! Has better music and animation. The character Designs are very different, but they both suffice.
report Recommended by Infinite
A Channel and K-ON! are both slice of life comedy anime about four girls. They have a high school setting, have a similar stereotypical cast and lack a serious plot. Both series have a lot of music in them, and the humor and feel of both shows are of the exact same kind. K-ON! has the band as an anchor-point for music and A Channel has a short song in every episode. If you enjoyed watching one of them then you should definitely check out the other.
report Recommended by FireHeart
actually same thing, some of the characters seem to have the same personality...but on my criteria I prefer K-on! over A-channel. K-on! has more to say than A-channel. :)
report Recommended by nekoushiromiya
Both center around 4-5 girls and their school life. And both have a strong focus on comedy. They also both have a good deal of yuri undertones.
report Recommended by vampko
The shows focus around a cast of girls and are in a school setting and it focuses on their misadventures during their time in school as well too.
report Recommended by Crow_Black