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Working!! is very similar to K-ON! in art style, expressions, and character types. The two share the common ground of being slice of life and taking place in an everyday setting.
report Recommended by Detective
If you liked K-ON!, then you'll like Working!! Both are slice of life and Working!! can be moe at times.
report Recommended by chinoman
Both are as pointless as it gets, but they are cute as they are pointless however. One is about a slice of life story about people working in a restaurant, and the other is a about a gaggle of high school girls drinking tea when they should be playing music. I guarantee if you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by artist-retired
If your watching K-on!!, watch Working!! to see many funny stuff like what you see in K-on!!, but this time, its all about Drama, Young Life and of course Comedic fun! See similar characters like the reversal of Mio being tall and Taneshima being Short! So enjoy!
report Recommended by MikotoAzusa123
Both animes are adapted from a 4-koma manga. so both series include many random jokes. they are pure comedy with little story.
report Recommended by Ziafung
Both of these shows are mostly relaxing and focus on comedy in slice of life genre. Difference is in setting and cast.
report Recommended by opasnimiki