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Let's start with what they have in common. The two shows share a similar premise in that it's about five girls in an organized group who play music. The art style is remarkably similar, and the characters tend to have cute moe characteristics both in their aesthetic design and personality. Both shows spend much of their time using music as a central catalyst to develop the characters' personalities and interpersonal relationships, and this serves to demonstrate how powerful an impact music can have on peoples' lives. But that's where most of the similarities end, as while both shows have a similar basic premise, they end up   read more
report Recommended by TheAntiFanboy
the characters are quite similar
report Recommended by pyroblage
Stylistically, there is a great deal of similarity between the character designs and personalities somewhat. Even from early on in the series', you can tell that the two just match up. If the style of one appeals, chances are the other will be worth a look as well. The stories may be somewhat dissimilar, but both involve a group of girls, in one case a music club, and in the other an army regiment, and their music.
report Recommended by olmecalmighty
Veeeeery similar art and both have heroines playing instruments
report Recommended by doorotka
Another show completely based on 'moe'. Also, music is a central theme in both and the art styles are identical.
report Recommended by shinigamidono
Same art and deals with music a little. Basically its K-ON joins the military.
report Recommended by Beave
K-On and Sora No Woto shares some major similarities in its content. K-On is an anime about group of girls who's playing guitar or w/e. Now, in Sora No Woto, they grabs trumpet in military setting. Art style and Character design is surprisingly similar, which makes us feel like 'isn't it a rip-off?'. Sora No Woto has possibility of becoming 'moe based' anime, like K-On did.
report Recommended by ringoo4
What more to say? Both have a really similar animations that at some angles the character between the two anime looks the same
report Recommended by CommanderOfDeath
It really reminded me of K-On! Character wise and the animation of the two really looks similar. The only difference is the military atmosphere. If you're a K-On! fan, I think this is a whole new twist to your imaginations.
report Recommended by Emberred
Slice of life and music
report Recommended by kol2537
Have you seen Yui in the war?
report Recommended by SaymonFromHell
Sora no Woto is K-ON....If it was based on a music playing military platoon. Seriously though, its a 5 member platoon. They all act and look almost exactly like one of the K-ON characters. (except Ritsu, and mio looks different)
report Recommended by jimbo_extreme
Some characters look the same and act the same -Rio looks like Mio and they act the same -Katana is similair to Yui There are others that are similair except this show is a little more serious about some things.
report Recommended by master0537
The artstyle is remarkably similar, as they are not made by the same studio. Both series focus on a group of 5 girls and their day to day life. Basically its cute girls doing cute stuff. Also they center around music even though it doesn't take that much part in every episode. The setting is very different, K-On! being a high school setting and, Sora no Woto have a Sci-Fi/Military setting.
report Recommended by TiigerLily
The art was similiar Focus on The music the diffrent is K-on settin on school life, but sora no woto setting on military
report Recommended by Akashiro45
K-On and So Ra No Wo To are both similar due to its light-hearted slice of life and music genre, and a colourful set of cute-looking female characters who you can't help but to hug, tightly. Both anime have characters with similar personalities as well as looks. Take for instance Mio Akiyama (K-On) and Rio Kazumiya (So Ra No Wo To); they are both kind and the most mature in their group. The animation styles of both anime are easy on the eyes along with its catchy opening and ending themes that won’t leave your head. Unlike K-On’s cute girls doing cute things, So Ra   read more
report Recommended by RoyDeusExMachina
Both are centered around cute moe moe girls doing day to day things but both also incorporate a musical aspect to it; K-On being a school band and Sound of the Sky being our main charcater, Kanata, joining the army to learn how to play the trumpet. Both are very cute shows but Sound of the Sky has a subtle plot line that is sure to make you catch at least some feels. If you're looking for a decent moe moe show and have already watched K-On, Sound of the Sky is surely to fill that gap. Although be warned, this is a military anime.   read more
report Recommended by somedayasunbae